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How to Naturally Rid Your Rental Property of Fleas

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One of Jason Hartman’s investment strategies is to acquire rental properties through long-term, fixed-rate loans. After purchasing a new property, the first step in readying it for the rental market is cleaning out the house. If pets have been in the home, even if it’s been months since they’ve been in it, you may have to contend with fleas. Fleas can lie dormant for up to a year, if there is no donor animal. The eggs and the cocoons can stay in a state of hibernation until conditions are just right. However, since the house is still empty, ridding it of the pests should be rather simple.

There are many varieties of poisons on the market for destroying fleas and flea eggs, yet they are expensive, may stain carpeting, and can be ineffective. Natural methods for destroying fleas and ending their life cycle are inexpensive, effective, and better for the environment.

Vinegar is a natural flea killer that works on contact. Adding half vinegar and half water to a spray bottle and lightly spraying linoleum and carpet will kill live fleas.

Dish soap can be mixed with water and sprayed lightly on furniture. The fleas will die and the furniture is left smelling fresh and clean.

Salt dehydrates eggs, so sprinkling it lightly along the baseboards, or the entire carpet for bad infestations, will dry out the eggs. Simply vacuum up a few days later and the problem is solved.

Diatomaceous Earth, or DE, is a naturally occurring material that is deadly to creatures with an exoskeleton. When using the food grade version, it is safe for pets and people, even if it is eaten. DE looks like a soft powder, but to a flea, it is sharp shards which cut its body, causing it to dehydrate and die. Sprinkle it throughout the home and vacuum a few days later.

Lemon has natural oils which deter fleas. Cut up a lemon and boil it in a pint of water. After it cools completely, place it in a spray bottle and apply to the floor to remove the fleas. The citrus scent will keep them out and the oils will kill the ones in the home.

Citronella and rosemary essential oils can be mixed with water, several drops mixed with eight ounces of water, to repel pests. Spray the entire living area with the mixture and enjoy flea-free living and a fresh scent.

If you’d prefer not to spray or sprinkle the home with any items, you can also try another method. In a shallow dish or bowl, add vinegar or dish soap to water. Place under a bright light at the center of the problem area or in several places throughout the house. The fleas will be attracted to the heat of the lamp, causing them to jump into the water. Vinegar will kill them. If you use dish soap, the fleas will not die instantly, but rather drown in the water. The soap prevents them from simply jumping back out of the water.

Certainly you will want to protect your investment property, and ridding the house of fleas will ensure that your future tenants will be happy in their new home. (Top image: Flickr | louento.pix)

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