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Human power – sweating for the Dukes

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If you think the power grid here in the good old United States is safe, you would be wrong. It might make you a little nervous to know how precarious all that wonderful energy is. Almost every summer you hear about power outages, especially in major cities, defined by terms like brownout, rolling blackout, and everyone’s favorite – blackout.

Have you ever contemplated what you would do if your electricity went away and never came back?

A back to the basics approach incorporates human power and it’s just what it sounds like. You can create energy to run your television and other small appliances with a pedal powered generator. Typical models can be pedaled or hand cranked to charge 12 volt batteries. Pedal generators are in use already to power lights and appliances for:

1. Foresters in Siberia logging camps.
2. Off grid homesteaders in Alaska.
3. Ocean going boats.
4. Third World countries without reliable electricity

To get a pedal crank system with the battery pack could set you back $800 or more. These aren’t toys. They’re serious survival gear for those interested in serious emergency preparation. Visit Windstream to learn more about practical applications of this technology.

A side-note that might interest parents. Windstream Head of Marketing and Sales, Sheila Karr, recalled how, back in childhood, her inventor father rigged the family television to a pedal generator. To watch her favorite show, The Dukes of Hazard, she had to get on her bike and ride!

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