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If it’s this easy to fake fingerprints…

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The following method to fake fingerprints is easily found with a Google search. Why would you want to fake a fingerprint? One reason would be to steal identities, especially when the government and financial powers-that-be are pushing us pellmell towards using fingerprint technology to replace photo identification.

1.First find good prints of the person you want to fake. Beer bottles, door knobs, and glossy paper work well. A little bit of private investigator work should allow you access to such.

2.Using a fingerprint kit easily available to order over the internet, sprinkle the powder and lift the fingerprint. Or get a good camera. The goal is to get a digital reproduction of the fingerprint into your computer so you can print it out with a laser printer on a transparency slide. The toner forms raised areas similar to letter block printing.

3.Spread a thin layer of wood glue over the printed fingerprint and let it dry.

4.Pull the glue off, cut it to the right size and glue it onto the end of your finger. Voila! You are now somebody else.

Is this a good idea and do we at Holistic Survival recommend you run out and do this? No! It’s highly illegal to pretend like you’re someone else. This process is merely presented as an educational tool. Criminals will always find a way to outsmart ponderous bureaucracies. And don’t forget about the tried and true method used in countless mafia films to simply lop off the finger of the person whose identify you are spoofing and press it to the scanner – watch out for fresh blood.

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