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If politicians had spines.

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The presupposition in the headline is, of course, blatantly ridiculous. Politicians do not have spines. They might have been born with them, like normal human beings but, at the first sign of interest in participating in the political system, spines are summarily removed and replaced with a non-toxic Jell-O mold.

That explains a lot about the mess we’re in today.

Back in the year 2000, our leaders were afraid to cut the bad debt from the economy. Banks and other financial institutions weren’t allowed to fail as our “wise” men adopted a “too big to fail” philosophy. Too big to fail is crap. It’s a euphemism for “we’re too spineless to make a decision.”

Fast forward a decade and marvel as the United States reaps the bounty of their folly.

1. Stock market nose dive

2. 6.7 million (or more) jobs lost

3. personal income down 21%

4. corporate tax receipts down 58%

5. the Fed spending twice as much money as it takes in

How long could you keep your household solvent spending double your income? This house of cards is coming down. Your decision becomes whether to ride the whole thing to the ground or put on your urban survival parachute and prepare for large scale economic failure.

The time to act is now. Start small, using the advice found on this blog. Put food in storage. Buy a generator. By the time the wheels start coming off, it’s too late to get ready.

The Holistic Survival Team