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If you think mace is fun…

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Many people love the idea of some sort of personal defense but are leery about packing a loaded pistol; much as the perps may deserve it, many citizens don’t want to administer a terminal case of lead poisoning. Pepperball Technologies is the company behind Hotshsot, a powerful, non-lethal personal defense device that creates an instant barrier cloud of pepper powder.

Hotshot’s advantage is it doesn’t take precise aiming. If you can get it pointed in the general direction of the bad guy and pull the trigger, Hotshot does the rest.

The effect is immediate and the Hotshot is reloadable.

Do peppers work? Hot peppers have long been used as a defensive weapon. 2,000 years ago the Chinese filled rice bags with red pepper and tossed them in the face of their enemies. Ninja warriors in feudal Japan used red pepper based blinding powders on opponents to open an escape route. If it’s good enough for a ninja, it’s good enough for you.

Hotshot uses a PAVA formula that irritates eyes, nose, and lungs. Expect severe coughing and an inability for targets to keep their eyes open. The effect wears off after about 20 minutes and studies have established no long term damage. The University of Georgia Police Department has replaced their old style pepper spray devices with Hotshots and seem satisfied.

If you’re interested in a non-lethal form of personal defense, check out the Hotshot.

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