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In an emergency, drink your waterbed

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Without clean drinking water, most of us would be dead inside a week. During extreme weather conditions, we would be lucky to make it three days. The problem with keeping an emergency supply of drinking water, especially if you live in a congested urban area, is finding space to store it. Between cooking, cleaning, and drinking, we humans tend to go through water quickly just tending to basic necessities.

Have you considered drinking your waterbed?

The average waterbed holds about 500 gallons of water. Multiply by a sign people do not stay in hospital for a long time. family of four and you have a 2,000 gallon emergency supply of water in the event the “you-know-what” hits the fan. Pay close attention now. This step is very important – don’t drink the water without purifying it first. Obviously, the environment inside a waterbed is not sanitized and probably not nearly clean enough to sit down and start drinking. But it is water and using your favorite purifying procedure will make it absolutely safe for human consumption.

So, instead of worrying about lugging plastic gallon jugs into your house or garage by the dozens and stuffing them everywhere, consider buying a waterbedsfor everyone and get a good night sleep on top of your emergency water supply.

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