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Inflation is the beast at your door.

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Emergency preparednessHolistic Survival, we spend a lot of time educating you about emergency preparedness and the many forms that it might take – terrorist, biological, nuclear, or chemical attack are but a few of many dangers threatening the safety of your family. But what might be all our eventual undoing is a little thing called inflation. Inflation erodes the value of currency, thus making goods and services more expensive to purchase, and forces us all to work harder to make ends meet.

Inflation absolutely can be the cause of societal unrest and even the unraveling of a nation. A recent example is the out of control events in Zimbabwe (the term used is “hyperinflation”). It now costs something like 4 trillion Zimbabwean dollars to buy a loaf of bread. Exaggeration? Not by much. When inflation takes hold like that, it’s like a nuclear meltdown – very hard to stop.

The easy way to define inflation is the rise of the cost of goods and services over a period of time, resulting in (as already stated) a loss of purchasing power. While inflation is generally seen as having a negative effect, when used correctly it can actually increase your personal wealth through the use of property investments mortgaged according to a few basic rules. If you’re interested in learning how to protect yourself and even increase your wealth in the coming years of high inflation, visit our sister website, Platinum Properties Investor Network, and learn how for free.

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