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Investing for Ultimate Financial Survival

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HolisticSurvival.comFace it. Investors still trusting in Wall Street financial products can expect to fare little better than lambs being led to the slaughter when it comes to earning a decent return on their investment dollar. This is a very big point. It’s not too large a stretch to say your financial survival depends on it because we are living in critical times. A wrong decision could haunt your portfolio for the rest of your life. For reasons we’ve illuminated in the past, you should keep in mind that Wall Street is an insiders game and, if you’re not an insider, you have absolutely no business thinking you can win at it.

Simply put, if you can’t compete, don’t play, unless blowing up your account is your goal. True financial survival and prosperity depends upon choosing an investment asset that still works according to the principles of open markets and democracy. In short, we’re talking about income property investing. Take out the Wall Street broker/middleman. With property investing there isn’t one. These are entirely self-guided investments and, due to the wonders of leverage, actually allow you to turn the tables on the bank and generate solid profits even in the face of growing inflation.

Raise your hand if you think inflation is going away any time soon. Those of you with your hands in the air should immediately proceed to the chopping block and lay your neck down upon it. Sorry, but you really are going to get slaughtered out there in the real world of investing, so consider this a preemptive mercy killing.

The rest of you modern survivalists looking for every edge when it comes to financial survival should know it is critical to understand how leveraging your money into an income producing property is the best inflation hedge going. When will it be too late to get into this world class wealth building asset? Who knows, but every day you wait is another chance for the financial industry to put more restrictive lending terms on investors, changing the game in unpredictable ways. For your best chance at financial survival in the face of whatever comes, the best time to begin building a property portfolio is – yesterday! But today still looks pretty good too.

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