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Investing in the Zombie Apocalypse

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03-26-zombiesZombies are “in” right now. The mindless brain-eaters are featured throughout pop culture in video games (Plants vs. Zombies), television shows (The Walking Dead), and even in music (Re: Your Brains by Jonathan Coulton). But are zombies just a fad, like pet rocks and bellbottoms, or is the impending zombie apocalypse real?

Zombies are scientifically possible, and not in the way that Bigfoot is really the result of a race of aliens from a distant planet that bred with cavemen kind of way. There are several scientifically-possible methods that could make otherwise normal human beings become brain-dead and even violent breathing, moving creatures.

Brain Parasites

Toxoplasmosa gondii is a real parasite that infects rats and causes the rat to put itself in harm’s way so that it’ll be eaten by a cat, where the parasite reproduces in the cat’s intestines. About half of the world’s population is infected with this parasite without their knowledge. The only effect that it has on humans is that it can cause a change in the host’s personality. Studies also show that those infected have a higher chance of becoming insane than an individual who isn’t infected with toxoplasmosis. It won’t take much for an evil scientist (or political enemy) to turn toxoplasmosis into a mass-zombie-producing brain parasite.


Nerve poisons. These nasty substances can leave its victim in a trance-like state, but still able to breathe, eat, sleep, and even amble unsteadily. Some neurotoxins are so potent that they can slow a person’s body functions to the point that they can be mistaken for dead. While neurotoxins do have a history of being used to turn people into slave labor, they do not turn people into blood-thirsty attackers.

Rage Virus

Think Mad Cow Disease. When contaminated meat is eaten by humans, it causes a disease known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, which results in hallucinations, lack of coordination, twitches and seizures, and quick onset delirium. While this virus doesn’t currently have the ability to produce swarms of mindless beings attacking the unaffected population, we all know that viruses have a tendency to change and mutate.


We’ve all heard the pros and cons of stem cell research, but not many reports are being made about the regeneration of brain tissue. This is the creation of zombies from the undead, just like all of the horror stories. It is possible to restore the functions of the brain that are in control of basic instincts and general bodily functions, but not the part that controls memories, feelings, and the ability to make decisions and think through problems.

With zombies entering our homes in the form of various media, it is essential that we plan for keeping real zombies out. One simple way to start is by taking steps to ensure your own wealth. You can find out how to make money with rental property income with Jason Hartman’s Memphis Investment Property Tour. Take your chance to purchase rental property and begin earning passive income. The apocalypse is coming.

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