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Is a Government Promise Worth Spit?

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If you’re talking about the United States government when you ask that question, the answer is probably no. Politicians and bureaucrats would have us believe that FDIC protection gives us ironclad access to the money we store in banks, no matter what, up to $250,000. Is this an adequate form of asset protection?

Absolutely not! Are you going to put your faith in an economic promise from a government that is bankrupt? The correct answer to that is “No!” What is the answer to the question, “How do I protect my assets when the blankety blank hits the fan?”

The solution is not to turn everything into cash and hide it in the mattress or bury it in the back yard. Not hardly. A financial crisis will not make your money more valuable below ground than above. In fact, as Jason Hartman points out, inflation is going to kill the value of paper money. What you need is to convert your nest egg out of unstable investments like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and savings accounts, and convert them into indestructible assets like real estate. Property is a great investment right now. If society crumbles in the future, it’ll be even better. It’s tangible. They’re not making any more, so it will always have value.

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