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Is HAARP Controlling Our Minds’?

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HS - Jason Hartman Income Property Investing (2)Join Jason Hartman and Dr. Nicholas Begich, an independent scientific and political researcher, and publisher and co-owner of Earthpulse Press, as they discuss the significance of HAARP – High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. HAARP is jointly managed by the US Air Force and the US Navy, and while its primary function is scientific ionospheric research for military defense, there are also implications for controlling weather and populations, as well as how we can develop a strong influence for personal and global change through technology and our own internal power. Listen in at www.HolisticSurvival.com/ to learn more about a number of issues related to HAARP, including weather modification, communications interference, and mind control. Dr. Begich describes himself as a pathological optimist, seeing the possibilities of further development of HAARP enabling us to discover our highest potential as human beings, including telepathy and ESP.

Dr. Nick Begich is the eldest son of the late United States Congressman from Alaska, Nick Begich Sr., and political activist Pegge Begich. He is well known in Alaska for his own political activities. He was twice elected President of both the Alaska Federation of Teachers and the Anchorage Council of Education. He has been pursuing independent research in the sciences and politics for most of his adult life. Begich received Doctor of Medicine (Medicina Alternitiva), honoris causa, for independent work in health and political science, from The Open International University for Complementary Medicines, Colombo, Sri Lanka, in November 1994. He co-authored with Jeane Manning the book Angels Don’t Play This HAARP; Advances in Tesla Technology. Begich has also authored Earth Rising – The Revolution: Toward a Thousand Years of Peace and his latest book Earth Rising II- The Betrayal of Science, Society and the Soul, both with the late James Roderick. His latest work is Controlling the Human Mind – The Technologies of Political Control or Tools for Peak Performance. Begich has published articles in science, politics and education and is a well-known lecturer, having presented throughout the United States and in nineteen countries. He has been featured as a guest on thousands of radio broadcasts reporting on his research activities including new technologies, health and earth science related issues. He has also appeared on dozens of television documentaries and other programs throughout the world including BBC-TV, CBC-TV, TeleMundo, and others. Begich has served as an expert witness and speaker before the European Parliament. He has spoken on various issues for groups representing citizen concerns, statesmen and elected officials, scientists and others. He is the publisher and co-owner of Earthpulse Press. He served as Tribal Administrator/Village Planner for the Chickaloon Village Council, a federally recognized American Indian Tribe of the Athabascan Indian Nation for five years and served four years as the Executive Director of The Lay Institute of Technology, Inc., a Texas non-profit corporation. Currently, Begich consults for tribal organizations, private corporations and others in a number of research areas.

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Start of Interview with Dr. Nicholas Begich

Jason Hartman: It’s my pleasure to welcome Dr. Nick Begich to the show. He is an expert on weather control, mind control, population control, all sorts of interesting things. I think you’ll find this to be a fascinating show. He’s a lecturer on new technologies, health and science related issues, and let’s hear from him without further ado. Nick, welcome. How are you?

Nicholas Begich: I’m doing well. And thank you for having me. It’s my pleasure to be with you today.

Jason Hartman: Our pleasure to have you. So you are talking to us from Alaska, right?

Nicholas Begich: That’s right. I’m actually the second to the last telephone pole in my neighborhood before you disappear into the wilderness, so it really is Alaska the place I live in it.

Jason Hartman: That’s fantastic. Where in Alaska are you? I’ve been there before.

Nicholas Begich: I’m about an hour and 40 minutes north of Anchorage headed up towards well into the Matanuska Valley. I’m looking out my window now. I’m at about 1100 feet and you don’t see a sign of another soul for 10 miles around. Although they are there, you can’t see them.

Jason Hartman: That is fascinating. I have a picture of myself standing on the Alaska pipeline at midnight and it’s sunny out.

Nicholas Begich: Right. That’s one of the unique features of this time of year although the sun is starting to fade. And then of course we had the opposite extreme in the winter months.

Jason Hartman: Right. Really messes with your sleeping patterns, but it’s a pleasure to have you. So let’s talk about you’ve published several books, and first of all HAARP, what does HAARP stand for and what is it?

Nicholas Begich: It’s the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project and it was originally an air force and navy project here. It’s now under the control of DARPA which does mostly classified research for the various branches of the defense machine here in the United States. HAARP is a radio frequency transmitter. It’s actually 180 transmitters in an array. It’s a large field that actually focuses or concentrates radio frequency energy. By analogy, it would be similar to what a laser does with light. In this case, it’s radio frequency being focused or concentrated for various uses for military applications.

Jason Hartman: Where is it located?

Nicholas Begich: It’s about 250 miles northeast of Anchorage in a place called Gorkana. Pretty remote, not a lot of population around there, but it’s located here in Alaska and it’s one of many ionosphere cheaters as they’re called scattered around the world. This one just happens to be the most versatile and largest of its kind.

Jason Hartman: Is it real or is there some controversy as to whether it actually exists or what its actual purpose is?

Nicholas Begich: You can look up HAARP on the internet. You’ll find the government website. You’ll see images of it.

Jason Hartman: So the government doesn’t deny its existence then?

Nicholas Begich: No. And actually, there was a show on the TRU network recently that Jesse Ventura was hosting and he actually did a segment on this facility and was able to overfly it. Spiegel TV, BBC, CPC in Canada, Telemundo, Fuji TV, I’ve been interviewed by them all. All of them have footage of the facility. It is a real facility.

Jason Hartman: Now, is there controversy as to its purpose? The government admits it’s there, it’s real. Is there controversy as to what they’re doing with it?

Nicholas Begich: Sure. That’s been there since the inception – the patents speak for themselves. What we did with the book Angels Don’t Play This Haarp is actually over 350 source documents, most of them military documents, declassified records and the actual construction contract and a prelude to the construction contracts/conferences that led to the specifications. All that information was used in compiling our research. The only issue is when and if they use it for specific application – no question that it can do the things that we’ve suggested. And after 15 years of publishing and being active on this issue, we have not changed one bit of our position from 15 years ago. The only thing that’s happened is time has proven us to be correct.

Jason Hartman: When was it built?

Nicholas Begich: It was built in the mid and early 90s and it was originally developed, as far as the technology, in the 1980s by Dr. Bernard Eastlund. We were able to take quite a bit and develop quite a bit about the project and eventually we got it in front of the European parliament. We got it in front of the Russian Duma and a number of other political bodies throughout Europe. And the result is really a lot more scrutiny over the science but more importantly over this whole area of science which is essentially using energy rather than the normal bombs and bullets as a technique for influencing warfare now and in the future.

Jason Hartman: Well, you’ve given us the background and those have been the vane of my questions thus far. Tell us more about what it does, what it’s capable of, and just what’s going on out there?

Nicholas Begich: There’s a couple of things. First, it was developed as a prototype to look at ways to improve and enhance communication – at least that was the original thought was the ionosphere, which is a layer above the earth’s surface, starting about 30 miles up and extending several hundred miles out is actually an energized layer that becomes disturbed during solar activity or various kinds of solar flare activity. It can disrupt or even cut off our ability to communicate wirelessly, terrestrially on the planet. So one of the thoughts was can we figure out a way to stabilize the ionosphere during these periods using an instrument like this on the ground. In other words, can this instrument on the ground literally couple or join with the ionosphere and cause it to change its character. And that was the first real work in this area and the answer was yes it can and yes it does. The other area that became interesting is, again, from a military perspective is it had some potential for over the horizon radar applications for creating even what’s called an EMP and electromagnetic pulse or surge of evidence sufficient to knock out sophisticated electronics on say incoming missiles or incoming aircraft.

All of these things kind of fit in a general category from a military perspective of observation surveillance, being able to discriminate between targets and then ultimately being able to take targets out using the exact same system. What later happened is in the course of those patents there was some discussion about what you might be able to do in terms of weather modification, and in terms of physiological effect on human beings. These became maybe the most controversial areas of our research, but in one specific use where this kind of crosses over, the HAARP system can be used for generating a purse or a surge of energy into the ionosphere in such a way as to cause the ionosphere to actually begin to send back to the earth an ELF, an extremely low frequency signal, a very, very long wavelength that will pass through the earth and sea fairly easily. These same wavelengths are used for communication with submarines at depth. They’re also used for earth penetrating tomography or in plain language by analogy would be like x-raying the earth or looking into the earth for underground facilities and shelters.

The problem is when you utilize an ELF signal, you can create what’s called a frequency following response where the human brain literally connects to or couples with that external signal and begins to mirror it, therein causing chemical reactions and changes within the brain. These are all issues that come out in the course of our research and more importantly are supported by literally hundreds of documents that we’ve been able to point to in reference in the course of our work.

Jason Hartman: So you’re saying that they can control the weather first of all. Let’s talk about weather. Can this device control weather?

Nicholas Begich: Yeah, that’s a big issue and once that’s fairly controversial. I can tell you from the history of this topic there’s actually – going back to 1997 – William Cohen when he was secretary of defense was commenting on this kind of technology for exactly this purpose. And in a DOD news briefing, on April 28th, 1997, the Secretary of Defense at that time said “Others are engaging even in an eco type of terrorism whereby they can alter climates, set up earthquakes and volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves”. Now, what’s important about that is a couple of things – first of all, you got a seeded Secretary of Defense making a comment about terrorist organizations being able to trigger earthquakes, volcano eruptions and climate change using electromagnetic energy which is essentially what HAARP can do.

And HAARP does it in a couple of different ways. One, the most recent analogy of Dr. Eastlund was his view of being able to influence gravitational ways with HAARP which he felt would ultimately allow you to manipulate huge, huge weather systems as well as other geophysical aspects of the planet. And the thing about it is the amount of energy that he originally thought was needed, he reduced that by 1600 times. He found that they were resonance effects, coupling effects that could be realized at very, very low energy densities in comparison to what he thought. And here in lies the problem is think about this instrument as a primer like on a bullet. A small amount of energy gets released but in a very specific way to cause a greater release of more energy. And that’s what HAARP does. HAARP capitalizes literally the energy of the planet and manipulates it in very specific was to apply to weapons applications. And this s what you get into when you start to talk about the weather modification. One of the other simple ways, as I said, these are referred to ionospheric heaters, you can literally heat an area 30 miles in diameter above the HAARP facility, you can push that area of the ionosphere then out several hundred kilometers and as a consequence lower atmosphere moves into that space and it has a couple effects. Virtually it alters pressure systems and jet streams within the immediate area which have a tremendous impact on downstream weather and then secondly any object passing through that atmosphere that’s not supposed to be there like low orbiting satellite at a very high velocity would create friction malfunction and be destroyed. In fact, as anti-satellite technology as well as weather modification technology, HAARP has that dual use in this particular mode of operation.

Jason Hartman: Is the US the only one who has this type of equipment?

Nicholas Begich: No. Actually, this goes back to research done in the 60s and 70s in the former Soviet Union. Theyh had the first 5 transmitters that were attributed to creating what was called the woodpecker signal back in the early 70s. This was a signal picked up by HAM radio operators and they triangulated back to these transmitters in the form of Soviet Union. These were the original ionospheric heaters if you will and the US actually provided magneto hydrodynamic generator components to fuel these facilities for the soviets which is kind of interesting. When we’re in the middle of the cold war, we’re providing a really high tech equipment.

Jason Hartman: Why were we doing that? That’s crazy.

Nicholas Begich: I have no idea why we do those things. Arm and Hammer built their industrial plants as far as steel mills and so forth so we can make sure they built tanks, and as late as the 70s we were still providing them technology and technology exchanges that certainly gave them advantages they otherwise wouldn’t have had. The others that have these are the Europeans. The European Space Agency has a number of these transmitters in Europe. The Russians of course, Chinese a few years ago announced their work in this area. So I think many countries beyond those that have been housed…

Jason Hartman: Right. But in terms of size and scope, the scale of the device…I mean I know the technology, you could probably a little portable one, too – is HAARP the largest US system or are there other big systems that could really have significant weaponizing and mind controlling impact. We’ll talk about mind control in a moment.

Nicholas Begich: To my knowledge, this is the biggest facility in the world, is the HAARP facility. And it’s still scheduled to double again in size to 360 antenna. So it’s headed even to a larger scale.

Jason Hartman: So they obviously think that it works and it’s a viable type of system. So I just want to make sure I understand and the listeners understand the way this works. So are these like big dishes like radio telescopes? Is that what they are? What does it look like?

Nicholas Begich: If you were to look at them, each of these 180 antennas is about 72 feet tall going straight up out of the ground and then perpendicular, going the opposite direction, in a key formation at the top is what they call a Cross-Dipole. And so you have 180 of these, 72 feet tall, spaces probably 150 feet apart, and then the Cross-Dipole getting relatively close to each other. But imagine that field of antenna. In fact, people can see that at our EarthPulse.com. Under the HAARP button you can get images of what this facility looks like. And this is actually its fourth stage of evolution. It started with 48 antenas. They doubled that, doubled again and now they’re headed again into their fourth doubling of the facility. So each step along the way they’ve proven certain concepts that have be the rationale and justification for further work and expansion of the facility. So so far they’re on track. They’ve done the things they said they could do. They’ve proven the concepts, particularly the earth penetrating tomography concept which was required and was funded under non-proliferation and counter proliferation by the United States Congress as a priority back in 1995-1996. And once they prove that technology, they were able to get additional funding and continue to this day.

Jason Hartman: So I’m looking at the picture of these antennas right now on your website, so what this does is these antennas transmit – I assume they’re very directional, right? They can heat up. They can literally change the temperature in the ionosphere. How far away is the ionosphere from the ground?

Nicholas Begich: It starts 30 miles up. And here’s the thing – they’re focusing the energy and they concentrate it and what they create is called a cyclotron residence which if you could visualize this, it would be like a corkscrewing kind of motion of energy that gets tighter and tighter as you get higher and higher. And once you hit the ionosphere, you’ve got it concentrated into a relatively small place. And then you can pulse it or manipulate it. And the ionosphere which is energized also begins to harmonize with that, begins to resonate with it, begins to mirror that signal, that pulse rate. And then it converts the ionosphere from DC power to AC, to alternating current. And it acts like a giant broadcast antenna. In other words, this ionosphere then becomes not just a shield from external cosmic radiation streams coming into the earth, it becomes a broadcast system for specific pulse rates of energy with a very specific intent in mind with that energy as it relates to either earth penetrating tomography or other applications within the military arsenal on the facility.

So it’s very different when you start to think about weapons being separate from nature. Here’s a weapon system that capitalizes on nature – that takes nature and uses it in a way that is quite, quite different than things that we’ve done in the past.

Jason Hartman: So they broadcast this signal. It hits the ionosphere and how much temperature change occurs? Because that’s what changes the weather really is the temperature changing, right? When the ionosphere’s temperature changes, the high temperature is a high pressure zone, right? And that moves cold weather away.

Nicholas Begich: What it’s doing is it’s literally heating. Yeah, this is creating a heating situation and in weather modification, there’s a couple of ways you can utilize that. One actually was looked at by the European Space Agency using HAARP for knocking out tornadoes. And the way they envisioned that was this energy would be able to be directed towards say where a cold front and a warm front are coming together, you’re gonna get that shearing action. The idea was that you could heat up that cold front sufficiently so that when they hit each other there would no be that differential and that shearing would not be created and you wouldn’t see that tornado form. In the other instance of actually heating the ionosphere, you’re accelerating electrons and you’re heating it up to the point where it actually lifts and pushes it out into space. And as a result, all that lower atmosphere begins to fill that space, alters the pressure systems, alters the flow of jet streams. But those mechanisms are the outfall, the consequence of just any use of these facilities. The thing that’s been observed is that by deliberately doing this, very slight changes in one place create big changes in others. And the problem with all of this, you can’t model the whole earth, at least we can’t yet so that we can predict every outcome and as a consequence, when you start to manipulate geophysics within the planet, you really are shooting in the dark.

Jason Hartman: Oh, I would completely assume that there are all kinds of unintended consequences here and things that they just can’t predict. I mean they can predict initially what it does, sure. You’re gonna heat that part of the ionosphere. It’s going to do certain stuff to things right around it but in the bigger scheme I would assume nobody knows they just can’t even model that, right?

Nicholas Begich: That’s right because all these systems we now recognize as being connected. They’re not like separate, operating in some vacuum somewhere. Everything is connected, weather systems particularly, very small changes in far off places called dramatic changes elsewhere.

Jason Hartman: It’s the butterfly effect, right?

Nicholas Begich: It is indeed. And that is just a flat law within physics. And when you start to think about small effects, we need to recognize what we’re dealing with now are systems where we’re no longer operating in some isolated place. We are manipulating the very systems that drive the planet and doing it deliberately for military purposes. And the problem with that, from my perspective – and I come out of a pretty serious political family – my dad was a United States congressman, my brother is a seated US senator today, and I can tell you the level of science knowledge in the United States Congress to evaluate the implications of our weaponization of the Earth is not there. There is not enough scientific knowledge in the policy makers in The United States or any other country for that matter to guide the direction of technology away from a military industrial complex which a very different mission than the mission of most civil societies.

Jason Hartman: Who’s the senator that you’re related to by the way?

Nicholas Begich: My brother Mark. He is a junior senator from Alaska.

Jason Hartman: At what party?

Nicholas Begich: He’s a democrat actually and he’s been in 2 years and he’s considered the 5th ranking democrat in terms of his position. He does a lot of good work. And actually, Mark is the only US senator without a college degree which I guess makes him closer to most people in the country in the sense of who he is, but a pretty remarkable person trying to do a very tough job at a very tough time.

Jason Hartman: And before we leave the weather concept, what would be a specific like weaponization of weather? Maybe a better question is have there been any – and I have a feeling you’re gonna say yes to this – cases where you think they have manipulated weather and caused major events that maybe we’ve all heard of and is it just weather or does it influence maybe earthquakes, things like that?

Nicholas Begich: These are all really important questions. And, unfortunately, without independent monitoring, you can’t really draw clear conclusions about an event. I’ve heard comments from the things that happen in Haiti to the Japan earthquake to even our own here in the US recently and some people have attributed that to HAARP or systems like HAARP. The question is really are these specific events related and I could not have answered that. Could they be related to these systems? The answer is yet. We do have technology on the planet. The Secretary of Defense from the last administration acknowledged it. Rumsfeld from the Bush administration actually talked about the idea of abandoning the environmental and geophysical treaties. We actually have a treaty that says we can’t do this against our adversaries. Rumsfeld wanted that treaty abandoned because the technology advanced so far that the idea of being able to use nature itself as a weapon, talk about plausible deniability. I mean from his perspective, to be able to wage a covert war with weather or the Earth itself, and then be invited in to clean up the mess rather than having to go in with tanks – and that is and was expressed by him when he was in this position of power. And the problem is that kind of thinking exists within the bureaucracy, continues to exist within the bureaucracy which lives beyond any administration.

Jason Hartman: That has unbelievable implications – it really does. It semes that with HAARP they would want this, and maybe there are plans to do it, in a lot of different locations. I mean you can only do so much from way up in Alaska. I mean why don’t they have a system in Florida, in Southern California, in New Hampshire. At least cover the four corners of the country and Hawaii of course and then maybe other bases around the world.

Nicholas Begich: Well, interestingly enough, the ideal locations are in the polar regions. And the reasons being, there’s another attribute to heart that becomes very important again from a weaponization perspective. The magnetic field lines which emanate from the southern polar regions and then follow lines, a force that then re-intersect the earth at the northern polar regions. And where the energies interact with solar activity as well as the oxygenand nitrogen in the upper atmosphere, you get the auroras of course. But also, where these magnetic field lines come closest to the earth, for certain applications of HAARP you can actually accelerate electrons into those magnetic lines of force which then allow those electrons to flow from the north to the south in a very, very powerful way where any object passing through them like an inner continental ballistic missile would be scrambled, would disrupt the tabionics that’s control mechanisms and cause it to crash. In fact, you don’t need very many facilities, but the northern regions for us and our allies seem to be the place.

So there is a series of these constructed across Canada that Rosalie Bertell, a Canadian researcher and scientist has reported on. Also there is an IVICAT system across northern Europe and then the old Soviet system. So there are transmitters that already exists. The idea that you could triangulate these to specific points and even create more powerful effects is something that shows up in the literature. And then the idea of being able to create a global shield becomes part of that same science and discussion as we look at the conferences and the gatherings of experts in this field that have happened from time to time around the world.

Jason Hartman: What is the global shield? What do you mean by that?

Nicholas Begich: This was Eastlund’s first concept was during the big fear of inter-continental ballistic missiles and rogue nations, this idea of creating a shield that would virtually knock out everything that passed through it, and so his thought was if we could take a certain amount of radio frequency energy located in the northern regions where there are vast supplies of natural energy – most people don’t realize it but 25% of all the undiscovered hydrocarbons exist in the northern polar regions, at least those are the estimates. Natural gas through magneto hydrodynamic generators are the ideal source for creating electrical energy at the levels that you need for these transmitters. And then you’re located not just near a fuel source but you’re also located near the magnetic field lines that surround the earth in such a way that you can actually utilize your location, your energy to actually intersect those points. And so this becomes important from a standpoint and location. Florida would not serve so well. The other thing is the radio interference created from these devices would interfere with most electronics within a reasonably close proximity. So locating them in the remote regions of Alaska for several practical reasons makes sense, but then as a mechanical reason even makes more sense.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, that makes sense. I see what you mean. Let’s switch gears and let’s talk about the mind control implications of this. This is just fascinating stuff here. How is this used or could it be used to control people’s thoughts and behavior and attitude and so forth?

Nicholas Begich: Well, this I think becomes the most important issue. And really, for us, it took us a few different directions. I wrote the book with Jeane Manning, Angles Don’t Play This Haarp and we touched on this issue of mind effects. And then more thoroughly, a couple of years ago I revisited that issue in the book called Controlling the Human Mind which really gets into the nuts and bolts of how that works. But HAARP actually can be utilized for changing general emotional states. In fact, this goes back to the work of GF Gordon McDonald when he was at UCLA and he was an advisor, a science advisor to President Lyndon Johnson. He was also a geophysicist and he had written in a book called Unless Peace Comes, a chapter on geophysical manipulations. And one of the things he said was that if we could ever figure out how to electronically stroke the ionosphere in just the right way, we could return a signal to the earth that would manipulate the emotional behavior of people over huge geographic areas.

Now, this was taken and sort of amplified in the writing of Zbigniew Zabinksi in his book Between Two Ages which he wrote at Columbia University in the early 70s just before he became national security advisor to Jimmy Carter when he was president. And this whole idea of finding a way to do this was not possible until HAARP was invented in the mid-80s. It became a system that you could actually create this ELF that G. F. Gordon McDonald was talking about in such a way to return a signal within a window of frequency, within a range that would create a resonance or a coupling within the human brain.

And think about it like a radio tuner. People who tune in on the radio to hear a radio broadcasts, they go through the various bandwidths and they finally hit a station. And what they’re actually doing is hitting resonance between the transmitter and the receiver where you can get a nice, clear signal. Well, the same is true in the human mind and human body. Various signals can couple with us on a cellular level, on a gross organ body level – in fact, for radio frequency, there’s a radio frequency dose symmetry handbook prepared by the air force under contract University of Utah. That actually lays out short of the overloading signals for the various organs in the body. But the mind, the brain, has the ability to follow these external signals. And when it does, the brain chemistry changes and behavior changes. And this can be done with any electromagnetic carrier. And I think this is the important thing and why we took the topic a little bit further than HAARP, there are many ways to create this sort of entrainment effect. In fact, there was an article in the US Army War College Quarterly Called Perimeters that really got into this and it was an article called The Mind Has No Firewalls. And we quoted pretty extensively in some of our work, but I’m looking as I’m talking for one particular quote that illustrates sort of the use of all of this. And what it does is as any electromagnetic carrier, thinks about television, radio, the internet, any one. And here’s the quote, and I’ll read it as follows: “A Pscyhotronic generator which produces a powerful electromagnetic emanation capable of being sent through telephone lines, TV, radio networks, supplied pipes and incandescent lamps, this signal would manipulate the behavior of those in contact with the signal. Now, what that means is that these external signals that can be created actually can couple, can join with the body and create these various effects. Now, when we testified on HAARP in the European parliament back in 1998 and in early part of 1999 they passed a resolution, A4-0005/99, and in section 27 which follows 3 sections on HAARP, the following is stated in my quote. It calls for an international convention, including introducing a global ban on all development and deployments of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of humans beings”. And what we did in that hearing when we were invited over was demonstrated an infrasound device, a device that actually transferred sound information to the nervous system so it’s perceived within the head. And these devices are talked about in the context of non-lethal weapons often, but to my knowledge, no, never demonstrated one to a political body until that day.

Jason Hartman: So what you’re saying is this is something where you could play a sound in someone’s head without it really making any sound.

Nicholas Begich: Well, yeah, without the normal sound wave.

Jason Hartman: Is that true? Is that proven now? Can that be done or is it speculative?

Nicholas Begich: Oh no. You can do this even wirelessly. We did it with a device where you had to attach it to the body and I physically demonstrated that device to the European parliament. Now, Woody Norris who won the MIT Lemelson prize – I think it was 2004 or 2005 – for what’s called acoustic hetrodyning, where he could actually take a signal and achieved a patent where he could send that proverbial voice in the head wirelessly so you would perceive it. And they’re using them now in military installations for early warning systems for people violating perimeters so they get the voice in the head telling them to step back and I’m trying to remember the symbol. American technologies is the name if the company. It’s publically traded. So people can look it up and look up Woody Norris’s work. You can do a search under Woody Norris, the Lemeson prize, and you’ll see what he won and what he did. This is not speculative, this is proven.

Jason Hartman: This has amazing implications because you know what it reminds me of? Even though this was not done with your technology, but when they captured Manuel Noriega, he was hold up in that embassy, that Vatican embassy, and they played I believe country music which he really hated. I like country music but he hated it. I believe it was country and that was a form of psychological warfare. In fact, I just looked it up and on Wikipedia it’s called the Operation Nifty Package that the Navy Seals used. So 1989 – the reference is interesting.

Nicholas Begich: Well, you know, it wasn’t just him if you think back on Waco, they did the same thing. And they hired a guy…

Jason Hartman: What did they do in Waco? I don’t remember.

Nicholas Begich: They used sound and they used television broadcasts, several things, and they hired a guy from a psycho corrective institute associated with ESSR Academy of Sciences back when they left the USSR and it was Smirnoff’s work in mind control and he was actually featured on a program on Canadian television under public broadcasting with me on mind effects years ago, and he was actually being retained by the FBI to try and apply some of his techniques to manipulate people outside within the complex to come out. These techniques are pretty well known within certain circles. And the thing about it is they can be extraordinarily effective. But when you start to dabble with the human mind, this became one of the more interesting areas for my work – issues of controlling human behaviors and human mental processes with outside signals actually is a lot of the work today of Darpa in terms of looking at methods for things like electronic telepathy. They have two contracts.

Jason Hartman: Tell the listeners what Darpa is.

Nicholas Begich: Darpa is a defense research agencies, again, doing work primarily for military organizations in the country, mostly classified work, and they have let two contracts out in 209, 210 to the University of California and basically to look at modeling for telepathic reception and transmission and the idea was that we could figure out how to model the human brain in such a way to actually get thoughts in real time and interpret those and be able to transmit very complex signals back but essentially allow us to transmit the thought directly into the brain. If people just stop and contemplate that for a moment against a backdrop, and today’s program we’re just not gonna have time to get into the history of the whole mind effects issue, but we tracked that history going back to the 1920s into the current frame. And where we are in the signs is it is in a place where it’s almost a metaphor for what we are as human beings. We try to duplicate nature and we try to discover all of these underlying mechanisms. And as we do , we also learn a great deal about the human consciousness and what it’s capable of. And one of the big things that came out of the mind control research of government, and a great deal of it has been done, we used over 250 sources in controlling the human mind to document that. But what came of that was one thing that most people missed, and it wasn’t about creating Manchurian Candidates, although that’s an interesting side trip that several researchers for the government went into and actually developed pretty good techniques for doing that. The real discovery was what the military now refers to as anomalous human potentials or what we used to call paraphysics in the 70s and extrasensory perceptions in some quarters. But the military actively is pursuing these anamolous functions. And as a result of some of the brain research, some the mind research and consciousness studies, what was really discovered about human beings is that we’re a great deal more than we think we are. In fact, when I was executive director for the lay institute in Dallas, I put together a conference – it was closed to the public – on mind effects. We brought in a number of specialists, the former head of the biophysics lab for the USSR academy of sciences, a good friend of mine Alex K. Beranin. We brought Ben Eastlund who was the inventor of the heart system, Rosalie Bertel, extremely well known as one of the advocates for radiological victims around the world, called as an expert witness often. We had Elizabeth Rauscher, a biophysicist, a geophysicist and an atmospheric physicist, very brilliant woman as well as two electrophysiologists from Finland and a couple of others. And in that mix, that thing that everyone was kind of pointing to that I felt really the most startling thing of all, is the next evolution of human kind really starting to touch on these issues of what we are and what’s possible. And interestingly enough from the physicist was coming this message of, hey, what we are is a lot more than we think. And in basic physics, the idea of the observer, that’s you and I, being able to affect outcomes of whether something is a particle or matter or whether it’s wave and energy, the observer plays a part. We actually create reality at a fundamental quantum level. And the understanding of that really changes the way we see the world and the possibilities that are there.

Jason Hartman: That’s not the Hawthorne effect? That’s not that – this is different, right?

Nicholas Begich: Yes. And, really, when you think about what’s possible within that context, I could guess where real change comes to be. Our technology’s a reflection of our creative capacity as human beings. How we create is a reflection of our insanity I think sometimes. But nonetheless, we have the potential of doing some things and this is where we see these anomalous capabilities pop out every once in a while. Now there’s a definite, and has been for decades, a search for the keys to that. The one thing that blocks higher levels of consciousness is very simple. It’s worry and it’s fear. If you look at an EEG, you look at brain activity, experiencing a new level of worry and fear, it totally negates your ability to reach your higher states of consciousness which can only be realized in a state of calm. As a result, the kinds of things that lead to creative solutions to intellectual solutions as they come through creatively can’t happen in an environment of fear and worry. And that’s exactly what we see scattered around the planet today. The easiest method of mind control, keep people in a state of fear. The best method of liberation is let go of the fear and find out what you’re capable of as a human being and you’ll discover what the military discovered, that we’re much more than we think we are.

Jason Hartman: So getting back to HAARP and this type of technology, can that create fear in people or is that better done through the media?

Nicholas Begich: That’s easily done. In fact, Persinger at Laurentian University did a paper on this – and he’s a pretty brilliant guy on mind effects and within the framework in his research. He suggested that we could create a complex signal that would just create that sense of dis-ease or something was wrong, that sense of tension. And then you could just play a news release into the media blaming some group or some event.

Jason Hartman: False flag type of thing.

Nicholas Begich: Right. And that emotion then gets diverted just as a natural consequence in that direction because it looks for an outlet. That would be as simple as it needs to be. But you could do it in a much more complex way. We use project solo, another project in the middle east during the first gulf war where we sent in an air craft full of electronic gear and we actually, according to Scottish media, embedded signals on the radio broadcast coming out of the region that we’re broadcast in the masa, music and prayers, and we piggy back a signal on there that created a sense of anxiety and fear. And in that first gulf war to remember, we watched the fourth largest army in the world collapse like a bunch of children on their first fire drill. It didn’t make any sense. But if you put it in the context of creating first that sense of dis-ease and agitation, so overwhelming that people would quit, they’ll drop their arms and quit – that’s what we saw according to Scottish media. And we speculated on that, just given what we saw on CDC TV some months before that press report came out. The point is the technology is here today. The question is would our government or other government use it and anyone naïve enough to think they wouldn’t needs to look at our own history, even in recent history and understand that this government – and coming from a family that has been in it – going into the third generation, I can tell you the only government that you can trust is the one that you police as an average citizen, because otherwise it runs from you.

Jason Hartman: That really brings up another question. Are you opposed to our government using it as long as it’s for what we think is good and moral and decent. I know that’s up for debate.

Nicholas Begich: Here’s my thought on that – and I’ll act with the inventor’s own thoughts because he is passed away – he died in 2007, a few months after our conference – and I can tell you Eastlund did not believe that our military, our government should have control of weather modification technology or any technology that deals with the geophysics of the planet. The reason he didn’t believe that was the right way is because there’s not enough scrutiny, there’s not enough care and there’s not enough caution. It’s better to do it in the open light of day involving the governments of the world and the best science across all the disciplines before we ever attempt to manipulate the Earth itself. But the risks far outweigh the benefits. Unless we do this very, very slowly and very, very carefully, we have a chance of really screwing things up. And, as the inventor, I think we should recognize his cautions.

Jason Hartman: But Pandora is out of the box, right?

Nicholas Begich: Absolutely is. And here is the challenge, too, with that. Electromagnetic signals create these various effects that we’ve been talking about, have to do with very specific frequencies in the same way as dialing into the radio station. In other words, those that know the science are capable of monitoring its use and picking out those signals from the background noise. No one can hide this in a silo. That’s why we need a broader approach because, look, the basic underlying physics of this, the basic underlying science of this that either destroys this planet is the same basic understanding of energy interactions with living organisms like human beings that can change the very state of our health, our awareness and our abilities of creating a planet that can actually sustain this population. So when I look at it from a standpoint, again, of metaphor, on one hand our fear drives all of our systems that create a very insane world. We have an opportunity to do the opposite. We have an opportunity to change our own awareness and consciousness, redirect our technologies in a way that can enhance the planet rather than destroy it. And I think the planet and the people on it are asking for it. We see these signs in revolution around the world. People are tired of what they interpret as corruption whether it be corruption of political bodies, the science that drives us or the corporations that fuel the fires of politics in the world today. Things need to change and it changes with individuals insisting on a more sane approach to our science and technology. Because in the 21st century, science and technology is what determines the strength of government. And within the 21st, century, it means that the average citizen needs to have a better knowledge of at least what happens with science and technology so we can be responsible stewards within our systems on this planet today.

Jason Hartman: Well, that is a great vision of course. Unfortunately, I doubt it will come to pass – at least not in the near future. I hate to be a pessimist, but I am I guess in some ways. But that really leads to another question for you. Is there a way to defend against this type of technology. For example, if someone is pointing these radio waves at us, do you get a tin foil hat in the shape of a pyramid? What do we do?

Nicholas Begich: Really, each signal requires a separate countermeasure is the problem. You can’t build a single mechanized system that will counter this. You pick out a full spectrum analyzer that might pick out the signals and tell you what’s coming your way – that you can do. You can always create a counter approach to any individual wavelength. The problem is that doesn’t solve the problem – it just accelerates the race for measures and countermeasures which is a cycle we’ve been locked in on weaponization of the planet for the last couple thousand years, coming from clubs and spears to where we are today. The mindset has to change. People want to know what a countermeasure is? We have to change, human beings have to change. And I am a pathological optimist. That is one of my handicaps in life because I believe it can happen and it doesn’t require the majority of anything. It requires a small number of people to become actualized and activated and engaged.

Jason Hartman: It’s the 100th monkey theory. You probably believe in the 100th monkey theory, right, where enough people become activized, engaged and conscious and maybe it’ll change everybody else’s. Is that…

Nicholas Begich: I could say that, but I don’t believe you need 100 monkeys. I believe you only need one person to wake up and that creates a chain reaction. Every revolution in thought and consciousness and art and science and politics and business started that way. And every revolution, including the one that freed this country from Great Britain started with only 6% of the population even thinking that was a good idea never requires an overwhelming majority, only requires a few conscious people stepping forward to do what they believe is right and good and then to learn from it. I think that’s the challenge for all of us on this planet.

Jason Hartman: Well, there’s a great quote that I like very much and forgive me because I can’t remember who said it. I don’t know the attribution, but it’s one person with courage makes a majority.

Nicholas Begich: I believe that. I think that is true and I think our history proves it and humankind can rise to htat occasion, all of us can, and there are no small things – only things that need to be done.

Jason Hartman: Very, very interesting. But give out your website again and tell people where they can learn more.

Nicholas Begich: Sure. Check out our website at EarthPulse.com. There’s books, there’s videos there – that keeps us in this work, but there’s also lots of free material, hundreds of pages. Please take a look at it, pass it on to others and let’s make the world a better place, let’s change it one bite at a time.

Jason Hartman: Fantastic. Look for the books Controlling The Human Mind, Angels Don’t Play This Haarp, Earth Rising and Earth Rising 2, just very, very interesting work. Nick, thank you so much for joining us today.

Nicholas Begich: Thank you for having me. I look forward to doing it again in the very near future.

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