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Is Your Bra Dangerous to Your Health?

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9234118931_cb9b2ddb44No one in their right mind would claim with a shred of credibility that compressing breasts behind a bra is the way nature intended women to spend 18+ hours of each day. But the question before us is whether the garment is merely an annoyance or does it pose serious health risks, even death, to regular wearers? According to a recent guest on Jason Hartman’s Holistic Survival Show, evidence that points to a higher incidence of breast cancer for those wearing bras has been swept under the rug in favor of profits.

Let’s take a quick look at why, Sydney Ross Singer, thinks the bra needs to go.

Compression: Bras compress the lymph nodes and prevent the natural drainage of fluid from the breasts, resulting in a buildup of toxins. Allowing toxins to collect anywhere in the body is not good strategy. As toxins remain in the breast, they become fluid-filled cysts, which can become hard and fibrous over time. Even a light bra provides enough constant pressure to create these cysts, which could become cancerous.

Temperature: Thermographic studies have shown that an unconstricted breast is cooler than one constrained behind the confines of a bra. Tests of cancerous cells show them to be about half a degree hotter than non-cancerous cells. If your bra raises the temperature of your breast tissue, well, it’s sort of like playing with fire. A California doctor studied this phenomenon in hundreds of women, coming to the conclusion that unbra-ed breasts, no matter the size, were cooler and theoretically at less risk of developing cancer.

Movement: While western culture dictates that women should keep their breasts held rigidly in place, the natural motion of a woman walking helps aids in lymphatic drainage. Some doctors even suggest, as a breast cancer preventative, that a woman spend 10-15 minutes on a mini-trampoline daily to mimic this movement.

In a study Mr. Singer conducted for his book, “Dressed to Kill,” he found that 3 out of 4 women who wear a bra all the time will develop breast cancer. Compare this to only 1 out of 168 who go bra-less. Is this the bottom line when it comes to making the decision on whether or not to let the “girls” go unfettered? Definitely not, but it should give one pause to consider. (Image: Flickr | r.nial.bradshaw)

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