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Jason Hartman’s Guide to What to Store in the Event of a Crisis

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Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investment Network Guide In Event of Crises

What will you value most in the event of a crisis? It can be hard to pinpoint exactly what you’ll need in an emergency, but Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investor Network has spent years whittling down his prepper list to a few top-priority items.

Why is this article crucial to your survival? When we envision a survival situation… or when experience one ourselves… we as humans tend to engage in denial as our foremost task. We talk ourselves out of believing that this emergency is truly happening. Jason Hartman, the President of Platinum Properties Investor Network and long time survival enthusiast, had a recent interview where he discussed “Deep Survival” with author Lawrence Gonzalez. Lawrence urges people to break out of their desire to say “this can’t be real” and focus on staying calm and accepting the situation at face value.

When it comes down to packing for an emergency, we tend to go overboard. We “pack” every little thing under the sun… and then we’re surprised when we end of having to get rid of a lot of it, or put it into a storage unit! Keep the essentials at hand, and refer to this list by Jason Hartman to get you started.

Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investment Network’s Top Priority: Food and Water

Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investor Network knows that most preppers store food and water first, but he also knows that many people store these things improperly. With food and water, it’s key to ensure you have enough, have the right kind, and store them in the proper areas.

Dried and canned foods are a necessity in any emergency situation, but far too many preppers throw a can of food or two in their basement each time they go shopping and forget about it. When was the last time you checked the expiration date on those cans? Have you validated that none of the food has been damaged during storage? Rotate these goods every so often, and make sure the foods you’re storing are still edible.

While most preppers know to stock at least two weeks worth of water for every person in their home, the smart ones don’t stop there. Consider storing up to a month’s worth of water in your home, which consists of at least 28 gallons per person. This allows ample flex space for doing things like cooking and cleaning, while still having plenty left over for drinking.

Storage location for your water is also critical: if the water becomes contaminated during storage, it’ll be useless when the time comes to crack it open. Be sure to contain your water in barrels or jugs stored on top of an elevate surface, such as a pallet, to keep it from touching the ground and leeching up harmful substances. Never store your water near to chemicals or inedible substances.

A Note From the President of Platinum Properties Investors Network, Jason Hartman: Cold Weather Supplies Can Be Essential at the Right Times

Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investors Network says that, while some varieties of crisis are short-term, others are long-term, and should be prepared for even more carefully. If you live in an area that is prone to being hit by bad weather of the cold kind, you’ll want to be sure that your prepper stash has cold-weather gear in stock.

Anti-freeze can be a life-saver if a week-long blizzard hits and you’re otherwise unprepared. Be sure to store a few extra bottles that can be used in case of emergency. A high-quality ice scraper and snow shovel are equally important – they’re often the tools of survival in a snowy situation. Both of these tools also have a variety of uses in other situations, provided that they’re high quality enough. Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investors Network knows that cold weather can be a killer, and the snow and ice can easily trap you in your house or out of your vehicle if the conditions are right.

Weapons are Key Says Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman, President of Platinum Properties Investment Network, knows a lot about owning property: his #1 suggestion for homeowners and preppers alike is to make sure they own some sort of weaponry they can use to defend themselves.

In a time of crisis, weaponry can be multipurpose: not only can it be used to protect yourself and your family, but some weapons (such as a rifle or shotgun) might even be able to net you some extra food via hunting.

Don’t just snag any old pocket knife and think you’re prepared: take the time to assess your personal needs, and what sort of weaponry will help you solve your problems. Is hunting viable for you, or do you live in an urban setting where hunting likely wouldn’t work? Would your weapon require ammo, and can it be safely stored?

Jason Hartman, President of Platinum Properties Investment Network, knows that finding the right place in your home to store your weapon and/or ammo can be almost as important as ownership itself, so he suggests that all preppers find an easy-to-reach location that is still out of reach of small children.

Power and Light Sources are Pivotal, According to Jason Hartman

Need a light? Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investment Network, says that, yes, you do!

No matter the emergency, light and power sources are not only crucial but highly sought after. Generators can be great if you have the space to store them, but batteries can be just as useful. Store extra batteries in your prepper kit – you can rarely have too many!

Waterproof matches and candles are a must-have for just about everyone, as they can provide heat, fire, AND light in the case of an emergency. Also spare a thought to finding some devices that have a renewable power source within them, such as a portable solar generator, or devices that can be charged via hand crank.


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