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Job Survival – High Paying Careers Set to Expire

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job survivalConventional wisdom says a good way to survive a stormy economy is to have a high-paying career; an even better way is to have a high-paying career that isn’t set to become extinct. When it comes to job survival, sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. The following careers seem to be on a downturn when it comes to number of positions expected to be needed in the near future. If you happen to be happily employed in one of these fields, the time might be sooner rather than later to drag out the dusty resume and start polishing.

1. Judges: The BLS says that there will be 700 fewer jobs for judges by the year 2018. It used to be that judges often left the bench for higher paying careers in the private sector. These days, with the private sector reeling from an economy still on life support, judges have decided to stay put, and less turnover means fewer jobs for up and comers.

2. Fashion Designer: In tough economic times, the world doesn’t need another fashion designer and only 200 additional designers are expected to be employed in the next eight years.

3. Insurance Underwriter: Modern software and computing power allows a insurer to perform three times as much work as in the past, a technological advance that is not only compresses the need for new hires but actually is expected to create a four percent decline in total number of people employed in the field.

4. Travel Agent: This one is a no-brainer. With companies like Travelocity, Priceline, and Expedia becoming household names, traditional travel agencies are literally vanishing before our eyes. The number of agencies has shrunk from a high of 44,000 in 1997 to a little over 20,000 today, and our bet is that the bloodletting won’t stop any time soon.

5. News Reporter: The BLS predicts that 4,400 reporter jobs will vanish by 2018, a massive total in a field that only employees around 70,000. Video may have killed the radio star but the Internet killed the beat reporter. Some may find jobs online but not enough to keep this a valid career choice.

Other careers in jeopardy are broadcast announcers, plant managers, chemists, economists, and CEO’s. Okay, that last one might not really be considered a career choice but if your goal is job survival, it might be a good idea to not plan on a corner office with a great view. Companies are combining and streamlining, while at the same time wondering what purpose a Donald Trump wannabe really serves?

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