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Kickin’ it aboriginal style.

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It’s truly staggering to contemplate the amount of knowledge that has disappeared from society over the course of a scant few generations. Don’t think you could survive this modern world without all the technological bells and whistles? Sure you could. Common sense survival and primitive living can be reclaimed quickly. After all, this modern society we’re in at present represents only a fraction of human history.

What’s so great about self reliance? As a modern survivalist, you probably already realize this but how about having the knowledge to survive a wilderness emergency or national disaster? How about the wisdom to do more with less and realize how Mother Nature and human nature work hand in hand?

If you’ve been sort of interested in checking out a survival school, you could do worse than Cody Lundin’s Aboriginal Living Skills School in Prescott, Arizona. One only has to spend a few minutes browsing his website here to see that this is not a job for this guy. It’s a way of life.

Learn to make fire with friction tools, catch fish by hand, make water carriers, cord, glue, shelter, tools, and bug repellant all with materials found on site. Check out Cody’s classes on:

1. Primitive living skills
2. Urban, rural, and suburban preparedness
3. Wilderness living and modern outdoor survival skills

You might also be interested in Cody’s book, When All Hell Breaks Loose. For an up close and personal taste of Cody, check out Jason Hartman’s interview on Holistic Survival Show #9.

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