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Make the adrenal rush work for you.

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iStock_000007813953Small Beijing Old and NewAre you ready for a street fight?

Maybe not, even if you’ve been studying traditional martial arts for years. Recently, Jason discussed practical self defense skills with one of the world’s leading experts, Michael Pace.

Pace’s strategy deals with the reality of a confrontational situation, where the most important factor becomes how to deal with the adrenal rush and fear-induced stress. According to Pace, simulated attacks in class have proven time and time again that the skills required to properly execute your traditional martial arts training are betrayed by your body.

An adrenaline rush is accompanied by loss of fine motor coordination and minimized cognitive thinking. What’s left is a simplified “frog” brain that is totally reactive. Under duress, you’ll probably no longer have access to all the fancy techniques and training you spent countless hours acquiring.

So what do you do? The good news is you’re left with razor-sharp reflexes and incredible strength. Pace says that kicking hardly ever works in a street fight, however, the striking arts become effective, like some parts of karate and kung fu. Defending yourself with simple strikes from hands, elbows, knees, and head become preferable to trying to execute a complicated move.

Interested in learning more? A good place to start is Pace’s website www.StreetSelfDefense.com.

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