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Martial Arts expert, Michael Pace shares his self-defense techniques on the ‘Holistic Survival Show’

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How to defend yourself against a person with a gunIrvine, California – July 19, 2010 – Host of the Holistic Survival Show, Jason Hartman, interviews self-defense and martial arts expert, Michael Pace during episode seven. During the episode, Pace shares the techniques he teaches and offers his self-defense recommendations for any attack.

Due to his beliefs that traditional techniques are not effective, Pace has built his own system which takes many areas of martial arts into consideration. He believes that each person should have basic self-defense training in order to defend themselves in dangerous situations.

Pace’s techniques, which are taught in his Self-Defense 101 series, focus on the adrenal rush as one of the main elements of self-defense. Speaking to the negative effects of adrenal rush, Pace states, “Some of the effects of the adrenal rush are that you get tunnel vision, so your vision to the peripheral really is eliminated or minimized greatly. You also lose fine motor coordination. You get the shakes. You feel really shaky inside. You lose a good amount of cognitive thinking, so you don’t necessarily have the resources to dig deep within your mind to choose and pick what you’re going to do.” Contrary to his statement, Pace also believes an adrenal rush can also work in support of you as much as it can work against you in a dangerous situation; nevertheless, he insists that training and preparation are major factors surviving unsafe encounters.

During the interview, Hartman asks Pace for his take on carrying pepper spray or mace. Pace replies, “The problem with most of these [weapons] is that you just don’t have them ready and available.”

Pace suggests using skills such as elbow strikes, groin kicks, palm-heel strikes and shark-attacks as self-defense techniques in any dangerous situation. Realizing it may be difficult to create a distinct image for these moves via the podcast episode, Pace tells the audience, “You want to put yourself in the best position, give yourself the best odds to escape an attack. You want to rely on things that are almost sure to happen every time.”

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