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Master the Art of Income Property Investing

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We recently spotted Jason Hartman’s new puppy, Coco, hanging out in the educational products section at the office. Random coincidence, precognition, or just a great photo opportunity? Maybe all three, but the more important point is that the approach of 2013 is a terrific time to browse Jason’s selection of products designed to help you reach the land of financial independence through income property investing in the shortest amount of time possible and at the lowest cost.
Regardless of your real estate experience level, there are currently more than a dozen educational products to choose from ranging from loan modification/short sale forms to personal coaching from Jason to the Masters Weekend Home Study Course.

Masters Weekend Home Study Course
There are two kinds of investors in this world. The first drinks the stock market Kool-Aid, crosses their fingers and hopes they didn’t just buy the next Enron. The second consists of those who know better than to mess with stocks in the first place. Real estate investing is the past, present, and future of building wealth in America. History has proven this to be true. To believe otherwise denies reality.

The Meet the Masters of Income Property Investing Weekend is an exclusive bi-annual educational event hosted by Jason Hartman and Platinum Properties Investor Network. The Masters Weekend Home Study Course is a collection of recordings of recent Masters Weekend presentations that deliver the specific content you need to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. You don’t need a Mensa membership or four year college degree. From loan modification to mobile home park investing to the ins and outs of property management (and everything in between), no important investment topic is ignored.

Nowhere else on earth will you find such an impressive assemblage of acknowledged real estate experts, gurus in their fields, eager to divulge clear cut strategies intended to accomplish one goal – cut through the clutter and provide actionable information illuminating the quickest path to personal wealth, namely rental property investing. Now available for the first time in audio format, The Masters Weekend Home Study Course puts the opportunity to generate life-changing wealth directly in your hands. The next step is up to you to prove you’re serious about finally beginning to create the wealth you deserve?

A sampling of topics covered:

• Bart – Best Practices in Property Management
• Mike – Market Profile: Austin, Texas
• Dino – The Power of Analysis
• Jason – Jason’s Economic and Monetary Outlook
• Joel – Market & Property Evaluation
• Michael Newcomb – Entity Structures for Asset Protection
• PPL – Cost Effective Legal Services Nationwide
• Q – Market Profile: Kansas City, Missouri
• Client Panel – Overcoming Challenges: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
• Eequas – Financing Commercial Real Estate
• Eequas – The Three C’s of Credit: Character, Capacity & Capital
• Jason (org) – Getting Your Investments Organized for Success
• Shar – Loan Modification: Dude, Where’s My Bailout?
• Peter – Tax Strategies of Wealthy Investors
• Corey – Mobile Home Parks and Self-Storage Facilities
• Danny – Credit Scoring: What’s your FICO?
• Reed – Market Profile: Atlanta, Georgia
• Kathy – The Power of Exchange: IRS 1031 Best Practices
• Randy – Mortgage & Financial Planning
• Phil – Market Profile: “The Big D” Dallas, Texas
• Jennifer – Income Property in Your IRA & Roth Conversion
• Doug – Fighting The Demons of Investment
• Lou – Market Profile: Phoenix, Arizona – “It’s a Dry Heat”

Don’t fall into the “I’ll do it tomorrow trap.” Become your own expert TODAY!

Whether you’re looking for relief from onerous mortgage terms or simply want to learn how to invest in history’s best asset – real estate – browse Jason’s entire selection of educational products at JasonHartman.com.

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