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Matthew Stein, ‘We can change the course of the world from its current course of collapse to a course of sustainability’

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Author Matthew Stein "When Technology FailsIrvine, California – July 12, 2010 – During episode five of the Holistic Survival Show, Jason Hartman interviews Matthew Stein, author of “When Technology Fails.” The forty-eight minute podcast dives into the concepts Stein speaks on in his book, which is a 493 page “bible” for sustainable living. As he explains in his book, Stein wanted to tell the world where we were headed and what we can do about it collectively to sustain healthy living. Stein’s book covers many areas including, self-reliance, present trends and possible futures, supplies and preparations, emergency measures for survival, when high tech medicine fails, first aid, shelter and buildings, food, growing, foraging, hunting, storing and water resources.

As a graduate from MIT in mechanical engineering, Stein had little expertise in this particular area, and it was a vision that guided him to write this book and share it with the world. “I’ve always considered myself to be quite ecologically aware, and yet, as I dove into these deep, heavy writings, I realized that our world is much, much closer to collapse, to systemic collapse, than I had previously imagined.”

Stein’s definitive message throughout his book is that if we, as human beings, continue with business as usual, we will eventually destroy our planet. Stein goes on to explain, “We can individually do our best to change things and how we can collectively shift and change the course of the world from its current course of collapse to a course of sustainability.”

Throughout the course of the interview, Stein manages to speak on the subjects of the global economy, viruses and medical treatment, tax structures, population, atmospheric changes and technology.

On the concept of population control, Stein offers his thoughts. “If we don’t control population, then starvation, death, famine, terrorism, all of those things will do it for us and that’s not a happy way.” Stein believes that a sustainable method of controlling global population is to grant Third-World countries with the technology and education to control family sizes.

Holistic Survival in Uncertain TimesHolistic Survival is about being prepared for modern survival with simple, realistic steps everyone can take to make the world a better place. It’s about turning problems into possibilities. It’s about stability and community and equipping, fortifying, perfecting, providing, and securing peace of mind. It’s about self-reliance and personal responsibility. The Holistic Survival Show, hosted by Jason Hartman, is available at https://www.holisticsurvival.com/category/audio-podcast/ and is available on the iTunes store. Other podcast shows available by Jason Hartman include the Creating Wealth Show, the Speaking of Wealth Show, and the Jet Setter Show among many others.


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