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Modern Survivalist versus Survivalist

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Every once in a while, we like to take a moment to remind our readers that nothing we suggest here is intended to make you take a flying leap into the fringe of survivalist philosophy. When we say “prepare yourself”, we don’t mean disrupt your life in pursuit of the proper emergency food stock or emergency power generation.

That kind of thinking isn’t necessary to get ready for emergencies or financial collapse in the future. Remember the movie “What About Bob?” It’s all about taking baby steps that actually improves your life as you go. Before you know it, you’re at the destination we call ready-for-anything.

How about a few examples?

Growing your own food is a good idea for everyone, not just the paranoid few who MUST ingest only organic food. If you can produce just 10% of what you consume, your reliance on “the system” will be reduced by that much. Not to mention gardening can be very good for your physical and emotional health.

Think taxes are going to go down in the future? Umm, not likely. It is your duty as provider for your family to keep every dollar possible under your control and not let it slip away to the politicians through the legalized theft we call taxes. Too many people throw up their hands in frustration and just let it be. If you’re not a numbers person, hire a good accountant to find every loophole “the system” allows. The money you pay him/her will be nothing compared to what you can save through legal deductions.

See what we mean by baby steps? Now get out there and take a few.

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