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The Modern Survivalist.

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Survivalism. It’s not just for kooks any more. From local wars to global economic meltdown, events today spiral at a quickening pace toward what could be complete chaos if you’re not prepared. This is no longer a subject reserved for late night insomniac radio or shaky webcams broadcasting from a basement somewhere in Idaho.

This is about YOU, the modern survivalist. This is about teaching you how to protect the people, places, and profits you care about in uncertain times. Tomorrow, you might need the growing collection of critical information found here at Holistic Survival. Maybe you’re a listener of The Creating Wealth Show with Jason Hartman and are already familiar with his incredible drive to better peoples’ lives through education.

Holistic Survival is another top notch Jason Hartman endeavor that takes the tools for living abundantly in uncertain times beyond successful investing to another level entirely. This is about surviving and prospering if the worst comes to pass. Yes, you still need The Creating Wealth Show but you also need Holistic Survival to keep from being blindsided by disaster.

Here’s a small sampling of what’s in store for you.

Tip for Prospering During Societal Decay – You only need one or maybe two guns for self defense, not a stockpile. What you should be stockpiling is a variety of bullets to fit commonly used weapons. Talk about a commodity to be traded for basic necessities! Bullets could become the new currency.

Stay tuned. We’ll be reviewing The Ten Commandments for Holistic Survival in the coming days.

The Holistic Survival Team