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Contrary to popular perception, there is no evidence that any society throughout history ever relied exclusively on barter as a means of exchange. Let’s back up for just a second and define what we’re talking about.

According to Wikipedia (an unassailable source of truth and veracity) barter is defined as:

“…a medium in which goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods and services without a common unit of exchange.”

In simple words, barter is when you trade stuff without money. Most developed countries have an underground barter system that develops parallel to the currency economy. In the United States, a good example is the website www.craigslist.com. If you’re interested in the idea, and all you holistic survivalists out there should casino be, you can even log onto www.barter.net to explore a directory of barter sites around the country.

In a state of societal deterioration or crisis, Jason Hartman reminds us barter will likely become even more essential, since it normally occurs between strangers or would-be enemies. Anyone you don’t know should be considered a would-be enemy until proven otherwise.

If/when the economy degenerates towards bartering, you would be wise to have planned ahead and stockpiled stuff to trade with. Not your personal stock of essentials, mind you, but rather extra items that others will likely need or want.

Forget the Amero. The future North American currency could be toilet paper and ibuprofen.

The Holistic Survival Team

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