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Moving to the exurbs

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survival tacticsIn 1955, Auguste Spectorsky coined the term “exurb”, which was intended to describe that new area of settlement in urban areas even FARTHER out than the traditional suburbs. It’s an interesting social phenomenon – people who can afford it tend to move themselves away from the center of the city, as if they instinctively know that when it all falls apart, it’s better to not be there.

But farther away from what? This genetic survival tactic in our head seems to have classified major metropolis areas as ground zero to the next societal or natural disturbance. In a mobile country like the United States, some people don’t deem it to be counter-productive to drive 50 miles or more to work each day. To them, it’s worth the extra time behind the wheel to gain a feeling of safety, as well as quality of life.

Is exurb living a good idea for the modern survivalist? Each person has to arrive at the answer to that question on their own but we can say this: the farther you live from the fan, the less chance you’re going to get splattered when the crap hits it. Think back to Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans. Remember the images of people pouring out of the inner city, seeking refuge farther out, or on high ground? Regardless of the politics of the situation, or who’s fault it was the whole thing happened, focus on this – the center city population was screwed.

The exurbanites? They had a chance a better chance to survive.

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