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Our future in Greece?

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modern survivalNews comes today that the country of Greece is about to be violently modernized. Wait a second…that’s one of the oldest cultures around. Bet you thought they were already modernized. Well, unfortunately for their economy, they have also become liberalized, with public sector jobs comprising one-third of the work force.

Did you comprehend that? A full 33% of all workers in Greece toil for the government!

It almost makes the Obama regime look like pikers, even with all the money they are shotgunning at every problem around. If ever there was a need to get educated on modern survival, apparently Greece is our new model. The good news is that the government appears to have finally found the cojones to turn off the spigot, having unveiled a plan to try and save the debt-ridden economy. Apparently, the jack-booted thugs at the International Monetary fund (IMF) met with Prime Minister Papandreou and said something like, “Dude, you better make some serious changes around here.”

Editorials refer to the process of freezing public pay for four years and scrapping holiday bonuses as “violent modernization.” In some places they call that assuming responsibility for out-of-control spending habits.

But will the Greeks tolerate their government’s attempt at modern survival? At Holistic Survival, we’re calling it a coin flip. It’s pretty hard to pull a person off the public teat once the entitlement mentality is established.

Stay tuned…

The Holistic Survival Team

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