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Passport as a survival tool

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As the world around us seems to exist on a steady diet of crazy pills, it makes sense for every American to have an up-to-date passport. It’s the ultimate bugout tool because some day you may need to take your family out of the country entirely. That means everyone needs a passport, kids included.

If the applicant meets any of the following conditions, they will have to apply for a passport in person.

1. Applying for first passport

2. Under the age of 16

3. Previous passport was issued when under the age of 16

4. Previous passport was lost, stolen, or damaged

5. Previous passport issued more than 15 years ago

6. Your name is different than on previous passport and you are unable to legally document the change

Where do you go to apply for a passport? The State Department has designated various post offices, public libraries, clerks of court, and other local government offices to assist. Click here (http://iafdb.travel.state.gov/) to search for the one nearest you. You must fill out Form DS-11 but don’t sign it unless you’re in front of the clerk. Next you need to provide proof of U.S. citizenship (like a birth certificate) and a form of primary identification (like a driver’s license).

The fee for a passport, depending upon a few variables, will cost about $100. We suggest everyone in your family keep a current passport in a safe but readily accessible place. You never know when it might be time to get out while the getting is good.

The Holistic Survival Team