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Prepare like a pioneer

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Holistic Survival ShowThere is no doubt preparedness is expensive. Even if you have the very best of intentions to create your food cache, buy a generator, and the myriad of other equipment and supplies websites like Holistic Survival suggest, where’s the money going to come from? The reality of life is that you might not be able to afford to do it all at one time.

And while the primitive man or early American pioneer could survive well with nothing but a wagonload of supplies, modern man is not quite so skilled in making do from the environment. We’ve grown soft and used to convenience. When money is an object, it’s time to start getting creative. Learn how to adapt and overcome. Part of your preparedness should be to investigate such devices as a homemade stove. After all, there’s a good chance your microwave might not survive a social collapse and you don’t want to eat cold food for weeks or months.

Got a black wheelbarrow or tub made of high-density polyethylene? How about a piece of single pane glass? Put the food you want to heat up in the tub and lay the glass on top. Of course, a bright, sunny day helps immensely. It won’t take long for the temperature between the tub and glass to reach 200 degrees and it should hover around 250 degrees. There you go – instant oven. No electricity or wiring required.

This neat little outdoors trick will also work well as a food dehydrator. Preparedness like this requires you to think like a pioneer. You might be amazed how many “work around” solutions you can come up with using your old noggin. If you haven’t exercised the gray matter in a while, give it a try. See what you can come up with.

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