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Protecting Profits In The Final Days Of US Economic Supremacy

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protecting profitsIf you haven’t been overly concerned with protecting profits so far, now might be a good time to break out the worry card because prices in America are getting set to rise while inflation readies itself to lay waste to your carefully built nest egg of savings and investments. Problem number one: Prices are rising.

Recently, a collection of workers at a Chinese Honda plant took the rather amazing step of going on strike over wages and work conditions. Instead of taking the historical route of running over them with tanks, the government allowed the plant to have its arm twisted into raising wages, a vexing little issue that will have a bleed-over effect for importers of Chinese goods like Wal-Mart. From June to July alone this year, Wal-Mart’s grocery prices rose 5.8%. If the number claimed by the National Inflation Association is true, that 70% of goods sold at Wally World are imported from China, American consumers are in for a rude awakening as the need for protecting profits enters critical stage.

Problem number two: An outbreak of price inflation is already underway and it’s only going to get worse. Americans still relying on the broken system of stock, bond, and mutual fund investments for retirement, whether they accept it or not, are about to have the stuffing kicked out of their portfolio value. As long as our politicians continue down on the present course of out-of-control spending, there is no other result except for runaway inflation, and inflation kills the purchasing power of these traditional Wall Street investments.

If you’re interested in protecting profits, now would be a good time to start researching how to invest in income properties, the only asset we know of that can actually increase your wealth during inflationary times, when executed properly. Check out JasonHartman.com to learn how.

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