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Psychological Survival After You Pull the Trigger

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HolisticSurvival.comWe do many things over the course of a day: brush our teeth, read a newspaper, drive a car, operate a computer – and sometimes we shoot strangers. Not for the fun of it, hopefully, but the possibility is always there for the armed modern survivalist. What are you going to do when someone’s trying to kick in your front door at three in the morning? Call nine-one-one, certainly, but there’s a good chance a confrontation will be forced long before the police cruiser arrives.

The moment the bullet hits the bone is the moment surviving the aftermath begins. We’re talking about psychological survival now. How to deal with the twin demons of public opinion and the thoughts in your head. Did you absolutely have to pull the trigger and kill another human being? After you talk to the police, reporters and family members are going to want to know the full details and exactly how it all went down. Then the weirdoes come out of the woodwork to ask how it feels to know you ended the life of another person. On the flip side, comes the outraged moralizing from those who are convinced there must have been a better way to deal with the situation because no one deserves to die, right?

All of which leaves the shooter (home defender) in the midst of a maelstrom of confusion. How do you achieve psychological survival after you pull the trigger? The blunt truth is that a lot don’t. Statistics show that if you’ve shot and killed someone for any reason, the chances for suicide rise. Whether you’re a combat veteran or guy-next-door makes no difference.

Counselors suggest that you find someone to talk to that has been through a similar situation, and do it fast. Remember this guy broke into your house. He placed the lives of your family at risk. He chose the consequences and you merely did what you are charged to do as the defender of your house and home. Steer clear of those who brag about having killed. They are either psychotics or liars. A good place to start finding help might very well be with the policeman who filed the report. Every department has a psychologist on staff to help their officers through the aftermath of having to kill someone in the line of duty. He or she would probably be happy to recommend a private mental health professional.

The bottom line is – don’t keep it inside and try to work through it alone. The chance is very good that you need trained help.

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