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Rain Barrels: A Tidy and Green Solution

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rain-barrelAs the landlord of a single rental property or many houses, cleanliness and curb appeal are probably particularly important. How do you accommodate a family’s wish to go green, while still maintaining a beautiful landscape and outward appearance?

Suppose you heard about this fabulous rental property in Houston that is rent ready with a potential ROI of 29%, but the family that moves in places a beat-up looking, food grade barrel that they probably found on craigslist under the rain spout to collect rainwater. Not only is it an eyesore, but they tore down the spout while installing it.

Perhaps there’s a better way.

For a property as nice as this $118K home, you should insist that the renters consider a much more sensible choice in rain collection, while still keeping curb appeal in mind. They should choose a new, sturdy trash receptacle. A forty-gallon container is an ideal size, and it should be a quality, industrial, plastic can. Even better, you can purchase a retired wine barrel for a sophisticated look and efficient rain collection devise. You may save a few dollars by buying one of lesser quality, but it tends to warp when full and will not appear as orderly. A Brute brand barrel from Rubbermaid works well.

The container will need to sit beneath a downspout, so that water from the roof fills the bucket after a shower or thunderstorm. As needed, you can access the water through a hose which you connect at the bottom of the barrel. You can use this to water the lawn, your flower beds, or a vegetable garden, without using (or paying for) city water. Do realize that in order to achieve an appropriate level of water flow, the pressure must be acceptable? Water doesn’t flow up, so this homemade rain barrel works best if the home (and therefore, rain spouts) is higher than the rest of the property, but if that’s not feasible, you can still make it work. Simply raise the barrel using paving stones or landscape blocks to position the container above the ground level that you wish to use it. Be sure that the barrel is sturdy on the blocks, and possibly even consider using concrete to stabilize the base.

If you consider effective solutions, such as a homemade rain barrel, your tenants and you will both be happy with the results. The home will not only have an environmentally-friendly feature that will appeal to many renters, it will also maintain that immaculate appearance that is preferred by landlords and neighbors.
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