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“Real” Modern Survival

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The Holistic Survival ShowAt Holistic Survival, we often focus on the Big Things when it comes to survival – The End Of The World As We Know It kind of stuff, when the reality is that, today, right now, you’re more in need of a solution to a precise but vexing problem like de-fuzzing your business jacket before a big meeting. We have heard your cries and provide here the real details to modern survival.

De-Fuzzing – Cats and couches are the bane of your coat’s presentability, but there are two quick ways to get that lint off in a hurry. At the office, hit the supply closet and turn a FedEx airbill inside out for a sticky, lint-catching glove. At home a disposable razor will do the same thing.

Escaping a Painful Conversation – Be it the dinner party bore or just a heavy duty yakker at the grocery store, sometimes you’ve got to get out before you inflict seriously body harm. Try this. Just say, “Excuse me,” and leave. No further explanation necessary. Then there’s always the old standby claim for a bathroom break. You could also carry a pack of cigarettes with you and claim you need a smoke break, even if you’re a non-smoker. The trouble with that is that your conversational adversary might actually be a smoker. Then what are you gonna do?

The Lips Might Lie But the Body Language Can’t – Actually that’s not true. There certainly are talented (sometimes sociopathic) liars on this planet that can pull off the boldest fabrication with nary a twitch. Luckily, most liars can’t hide it that well. Listen to vocal pitch and speed, frequency of eye contact, and other aberrations not normally present. Why even bother? Learning to decipher lying can be an invaluable tool on your way up the corporate ladder.

Amplify Your Car Alarm – You can amplify your car alarm to make it easier to locate your vehicle in a crowded parking lot. What do you use? Your head! Seriously. You know how the radio gets louder when you put your hand near or on it? The signal is using your body as an extended antenna. Try placing your car remote against the side of your head as you trigger it. Should work the same way, though we have no idea what the long (or short) term detrimental effects may be ot your intelligence.

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