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Self defense for your lifestyle.

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Do you think self defense means being a trained martial artist who is determined to be the number one bad-ass walking the street, prancing around like a peacock ready to fight at the slightest perceived provocation? Sorry, Charlie, that’s not self defense. It’s more like a death wish if you run into a professional criminal with a gun.

A good way to begin thinking about self defense is to phrase the issue in relation to your lifestyle. What sort of self defense tactics are you more likely to need. Which can you discard? It’s not necessary to be able to protect yourself from every single threat on the planet.

Here’s a small example.

The greatest number of rapes occur to women between the ages of 16-25. Think about it and you can imagine why. It’s at that stage of life they are more actively dating, associating with potential rapists, and engaging in high risk behavior. At this point, the threat of rape by a stranger is much lower but acquaintance rape much higher. Makes sense for young women in that age range to learn to guard against acquaintance rape, right?

Conversely, an older woman in a stable relationship is far less likely to engage in the high risk behaviors that lead to acquaintance rape, but the potential for stranger rape goes way up. An older women is viewed as less likely to resist and as having more money.

Take a minute and think about what sort of threats are more legitimate given your lifestyle.

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