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Short Waves for Long Distance Communication

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Have you ever stopped to consider how tenuous our modern day communication channels are? In an emergency, natural disaster, or government takeover, our cell phones and internet access could be gone in a moment. What then? Jason Hartman and Holistic Survival believe you need a solid backup plan in place.

We’re talking about shortwave (HAM) radio. The advantages to this form of communication are quite impressive. Here’s a short list:

1. Difficult to censor.

2. Low cost radio units are available widely around the world.

3. Ownership is already widespread, especially in Third World countries and Eastern Bloc nations.

4. Newer short wave receivers are portable, battery-operated, and can even be charged by means of a hand crank for short periods of time.

5. Can be used in areas where internet/satellite technology is unavailable or has failed.

6. Shortwave signals can travel long distance, even across oceans and between continents.

While shortwave radio tends to pick up static from nearby power lines and unshielded appliances, in an emergency situation where power has failed it might become king of the airwaves once again.

It’s easy and inexpensive to familiarize yourself with shortwave broadcasting and reception. For less than $100 you can buy a perfectly good receiver unit. Click here to read reviews and features of various brands and models.

Short wave radio. It’s not just for hobbyists any more.

The Holistic Survival Team