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Simple Desert Survival

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desert survivalThink you’ll never have to survive in the desert? Are you willing to bet your life on it?

David Alloway teaches desert survival for the Texas Parks & Recreation Department. His first recommendation is to not give in to fear or think of the environment as the enemy. The human race emerged in arid Middle Eastern lands and are well adapted to survival in such climates, provided we use our brains, of course. Alloway teaches students not to fight the desert but to become part of it’s ecosystem. In other words, pretend like you belong there.

The first step to desert survival is be prepared and dress appropriately. Here’s an interesting factoid. Human beings standing upright absorb only about 60% of the solar radiation that animals on all fours do. That’s a spectacular advantage from the start. Top yourself off with a wide-brimmed, close-crowned hat to further protect your head and body. If you plan to spend more than a few minutes in the desert, shorts and sleeveless shirts are a bad idea. Opt for loose-fitting long sleeves and pants, which provide much better protection than sunblock. Also protect your eyes with good UV repellant sunglasses.

Prepare yourself further with:

1. sufficient water
2. properly maintained vehicle
3. sharp, sturdy knife
4. first aid and desert survival kits

Perhaps the most critical element for desert survival is developing a useful bank of knowledge of skills necessary to survive in the harsh environment. Particular skills needed are how to find water and food, start a fire, and signal for help. Above all, do not panic. Alloway thinks this is the primary killer. To learn more about how to develop your own desert survival skills, visit DesertUSA.com.

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