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Societal disintegration likely to come from hyperinflation

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HolisticSurvival.comThe financial blow up in Greece is grabbing headlines these days as the IMF and EU scramble to provide funds necessary to keep that tottering country solvent. While this is all well and good to the Greeks, the truth is that their GDP is 2.5% that of the United States. On the international stage, this is chicken feed.

The real news, and the one that will switch you into survival mode, is likely to strike the U.S. economy with a vengeance in a few years – maybe sooner. We’re talking about the only issue that really matters, hyperinflation.

While most Americans are obsessing on Tiger Woods, Kate Gosselin, and the next pending celebrity disaster, the smart ones realize there’s a storm brewin’ out there. Points to ponder:

1. U.S. Food inflation is climbing into the stratosphere

2. American national debt is financed on the back of short term loans: interest payments will soar when the Fed inevitably tightens interest rates

When interest rates hit 5%, foreign debtors might stop bankrolling our debt, forcing us to default or make good. When we choose default – welcome to hyperinflationland. When this meltup scenario comes to pass, you’ll be glad you’ve been paying attention to Holistic Survival. We hope you’ve been doing more than just reading and are ready to ride out the coming wave of unrest.

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