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Stan Deyo Talks Earth Changes and End Times

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HS - Jason Hartman Income Property Investing (3)Jason Hartman talks with Stan Deyo about earth changes, end times and world events including:

1. The coming global economic collapse
2. Developing solar-related crises in the Earth’s climate
3. Suppression of badly needed technologies
4. The coming destruction of America by civil war followed by foreign invasion
5. High voltage physics of “cheaper” energy

Listen in at: http://holisticsurvival.com/category/audio-podcast/. The signs are all around us. Can we know what the future holds? When it was written, nearly 30% of the Bible’s content was prophetic. Today, nearly all of these prophecies have become recorded history. But a handful of the Bible’s predictions remain to be fulfilled. They are predictions of the End Times and many Biblical scholars believe the signs that these prophecies are about to come true are all around us. At the same time, 21st century technology has given the world’s scientists new insight into the predicament of our planet and the results are shocking. Prepare yourself for a fascinating look at a topic that permeates God’s Word and will undoubtedly affect the lives of every person on earth… perhaps sooner than we think.

• The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse
• America in the End Times: What Does the Bible Say?
• Natural Disasters Ushering in the Last Days
• Rebuilding the Jerusalem Temple

Cultures in every part of the world have focused on symbols and events that would signal when the end times would be upon us. Are those predictions coming to pass? Which predictions should we believe? And is it possible that in the 21st century, science and faith might come together to give us the answers? Apocalypse and the End Times takes on these questions and more in an intriguing investigation that brings a modern spin to the ancient prophecies – with surprising results. Based upon the book Apocalypse Soon by Dr. Patrick Heron.

• Connections Between the Great Pyramid, Nephilim and the End Times
• The Bible, America, and “End Times” Prophecy
• The Case for Natural Disasters Signaling the End Times
• Jerusalem’s Temple Mount in End Times Prophecy

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Jason Hartman: Welcome to the Holistic Survival Show. This is episode number 34 and this is your host Jason Hartman. I’m talking to you from Washington D.C. today. And I’m actually celebrating my birthday in a place that was very, very involved in the birth of what I consider to be one of the highest achievements of mankind and that is The Constitution of the United States of America. It is really incredible. I visited the National Archives the other day and just got goose bumps looking at that and thinking of the risk that those people took to found the country that has given more hope and happiness and prosperity and innovation to the world than any other country in human history. When you compare the constitution to the light bulb, the wheel, compare it to any invention you want, it’s up there as one of the highest achievements. Because without The Constitution of the United States guaranteeing liberty for people, many inventions, many great innovations obviously would not have been possible. And that’s why it’s so important to us when we talk about holistic survival, because this show is about protecting the people, places, and profits you care about in these uncertain times. Well, we are going to go to an interview now with Stan Deyo, and I think you’ll enjoy this interview, a little bit of a different take, a little more of an in times scholar, and I think you’ll find this interview interesting. But before we do that, I want to make sure you join us for the Master’s weekend and the Creating Wealth Boot Camp. We’re talking about the profit pillar there. And you can register for those at JasonHartman.com. Do not miss them.

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Jason Hartman: It’s my pleasure to welcome Stan Deyo to the show. He is the author of The Cosmic Conspiracy that was written several years ago, and we are going to talk about end times, we’re going to talk about economic collapse possibilities and some fairly grim stuff today for sure, right Stan? Welcome.

Stan Deyo: Oh, very grim stuff. But we need to talk about it because if we don’t, a lot of people are going to suffer for it.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, and the more awareness you create about these kinds of issues, the more prepared people can be, and that’s really the solution. You know, I remember back around 1999 when everybody was talking about the end of the world because of Y2K and then afterwards everybody kind of said well hey, that was no big deal, nothing really happened. Well, maybe the reason nothing happened is because people talked about it and they became prepared and aware of the issue and addressed it in advance. And that’s what we want to do here today. So it’s good to have you on the show. What is going on in the world that you believe will lead to a coming collapse of the economy?

Stan Deyo: Oh, gosh, so many things. First of all, the weather conditions or the climate changes we’re experiencing, a lot of people try to blame it on harp or electronics and things like that. Although these things, where the warfare machines may play a part in that, I think the major problem of our global climate change is the sun itself. It is now becoming more mainstream topic in the scientific community that yes, our son is a variable energy output star. It is at an unstable point at the moment, and for the next 6 to 8 years it should be doing some very exotic coronal mass injections which are big players of protons and other solar material that’s being blown off like a smoke ring but it’s very hot material. And I think we’re gonna get hit by them, at least by one, that will be strong enough to trigger fires in the grass and trees and various places. But this weather, regardless of the cause, this weather change or the climate change we’re experiencing is creating tremendous disparity in heat in the planet between hot and cold areas, which makes tremendous weather machines for horrific storms. And Holly, my wife, who does our websites pointed out over the last few weeks on the websites that there’s been an inordinate number of plane crashes across the planet, I mean like over 40 or 50 of them in the last few months. And these are I think probably some of them due to the jet stream dropping down microbursts into the atmosphere and just forcing planes down or causing them to stall, that kind of stuff. And I think we’re going to see more of that as these tremendous weather machines hit the planet. Already, droughts are hitting major crops around the planet. As the temperature changes, we’re seeing biological threats in the forms of insects and various fungi and diseases. I even saw it out here in our orchard here in the backyard. We have something called fire blight. And a number of things hit our apples and trees and made the fruits small. And we had trouble keeping the worms and stuff out this year even though we sprayed. So things like this are happening across the planet, not just to trees and to grain crops, but to even the fish that we depend upon a lot with the oil spill. Now that, we can argue whether man made that happen or not but the oil spill is there and there are other leaks that have been detected in the gulf of Mexico and before there, whether they are a result of the drilling or other activity I don’t know, but that is hitting our infrastructure and it’s spreading out of the gulf. So when you put all these things together, our basic food chain is being thrown upside down. Food prices are rising now, and they will continue to rise as grain crops get scarcer and scarcer. And the United States has historically bailed countries out by loaning them grain and for balance of trade deficits and that kind of stuff. But when we don’t have it ourselves, we can’t loan it. And with this administration doing everything it can to sink us economically, we can’t even loan money for the countries to buy grain. Or when the Haiti earthquake hit, we had to borrow the money from China to give aid to Haiti which is crazy.

Jason Hartman: It’s crazy that China is willing to participate in this deal. In so many ways, it seems like an illogical very bad deal for them, where the US just gets to keep spending money and China buys debt, buys our debt. And I know that they’re baulking at it, but they’re still doing it to some extent.

Stan Deyo: Yes, I think probably what the Chinese are doing, they are the master chess players of the planet in my opinion. Genghis Khan taught them to make your enemies fight each other until they’re so weak they can’t resist and you move in and take them over. And I think China is the sleeping giant that is waking but holding back, waiting for the United States, Russia, Middle East, Arab, Muslim, Christian, all this hodgepodge of philosophies to collide, have war, and bring each other down terribly. And then the Chinese plan to step into the Middle East, control the energy of the planet, and thereby be the world rulers. So they’re being patient. I think that the debt they’ve got on us, as collateral they’ve probably got mortgages, they’ve probably got maybe gold reserves. In fact, I’d like to know how much gold actually got left in Fort Knox. I know that people are trying to find that out now. Hopefully they pursue that, but that’s why the Chinese are being patient because they want to absolutely contribute to the demise of the United States entirely so they can walk in and pick up the pieces.

Jason Hartman: Very interesting. With the recent news about Ron Paul wanting to audit Fort Knox, I think that’s his new thing. He tried to do it with the Fed last year. That didn’t go anywhere. I didn’t think it would. Unfortunately…

Stan Deyo: That was the article I was referring to, Ron Paul, yeah.

Jason Hartman: Right, yea. And we’ll see if he gets anywhere with this one. I sure hope he does because this is just a fiat money Ponzi scheme. It is incredible and it works as long as the people in the economy and the foreign countries are willing to participate in this game. But as he said, maybe China just has a very long term view of things, and maybe that’s just part of their long term chess game. You could very well be right about that. That’s an interesting outlook.

Stan Deyo: Look at the United States here, I mean what’s being done to us. The 3 Gs, they’re taking away God, they’re taking away gold, they’re taking away our guns. We’re in trouble.

Jason Hartman: And so what specifically do you think these things will lead to. I mean Obama’s trying to do it with the ammo. Now they want to say that lead ammunition is the problem. And he’s not doing it with the guns directly, he’s doing it with the ammunition. So what will all this lead to, do you think, ultimately? I mean how will it play out?

Stan Deyo: Okay, in the United States, we are so armed to the teeth here as a population that they know that they can’t just come around and knock on the door and collect or repossess your weapons and your ammunition without a horrific backlash from the public. You know, this is our right. We’ve had it since the constitution and before that to keep and bear arms to protect ourselves against tyranny as well as against murderers and, you know, the enemies of the state. Now having said that, what I see happening is this administration and the Obama administration forcing us into civil disobedience by starting to limit our ownership of weapons and/or ammunition. Doing it through the United Nations treaties which have already been signed by the President and making us terribly into the United Nations so that they can bring troops in to collect the guns and that kind of stuff here. And you can’t bring the troops in to stop all of this, the grass roots who would resist this. What they can do is bring troops in, whether it be hours, and I doubt they would be hours because our boys wouldn’t participate in that either. They’re overseas, out of the game, so they can’t get back home in time to help. United Nations troops come in and this would force us here, in the dad’s army, the resistance, whatever you want to call it, who are patriots. This would force us then into confrontation, armed confrontation with these United Nations soldiers. At that time, the administration can then declare martial law because of civil disobedience, put all kinds of laws into effect, and virtually have limitless power as far as the individual here is concerned. This won’t go down well and we’ll see the country fragment. What members of the military we have here at home, I’m sure will split apart, some being with the patients and some following the government. I think the majority of them will follow the patriot movement. So there will be pockets of resistance and fighting off the United States and we will just collapse from within. Economically, the whole country will just be destroyed when it happened. And while we’re fighting amongst ourselves which is the ultimate goal of the global strategists, the new world order will establish, there will be Chinese and Russian troops probably come in or at least the armaments, weapons, nuclear, come in and destroy the United States completely. Perhaps the EMP pulse-bombs, one or two of them would be enough to absolutely kill all communication so that we don’t know what’s happening between states and cities and groups and can’t get news. And instead, I think this will just absolutely bring us down. Now it doesn’t say that in the bible. It just says I think we’re part of Babylon, the economic control of the world, disappointed nations. And we are gonna come down in one hour it says if we are Babylon. But the Hopi, Holly and I have been invited down there two or three times to the Hopi nation and to the [00:12:24] tribe. And their elders have told us that they expect in the immediate future civil war, terrible civil war between all sorts of faction in the United States, bringing it down. And it will be susceptible to foreign invasion which will occur and the United States will fall. And out of that will come small groups of survivors that will, many of them will merge with the Hopi and the Navajo to form a new race of man up in the four corners, into Colorado. So they’re saying from their secular or from their own types of props, which is not from the bible, but I feel it myself and a number of us too that have studied Hebrew Christian prophecy, that we are going to see the United States fall. It has to fall. It has turned away from God and the administration is certainly helping that daily. So I think that’s what we’ll see.

Stan Deyo: I have long said that during my lifetime I thought I would see states secede from the union, but you’re taking about a real takeover of the country by the global elite, huh?

Jason Hartman: Well, I think they’re gonna destroy America because if you look at America as a block, they are individuals, they’ve grown up with individual freedom, that they’re right, which we formed when we formed the United States and added two states to it. But when you take that away, when you take all of the luxuries that we’ve had and all the freedoms that we’ve had, we will kick back. I mean they haven’t kicked us hard enough yet. They’re doing everything they can to irritate the man in the street, to force him to become violent. And as soon as we do, I don’t like it, but I know we’re being forced to do it. As soon as we do, they will have the excuse to bring all sorts of force to bear. But they’re not gonna use America. It is they’re gonna destroy America. They’re gonna take us out because we would be a constant pain to them. We would form underground resistance and all kinds. They want to kill us. They don’t want the country, they want to kill it. And they’re going to shift the balance of power into Europe, back into Europe where it used to be, and a little bit in the Middle East. And of course China’s sitting back, waiting for the whole lot. But this is where the globalists are going they know they can’t deal with us because we’re just too stiff-necked and once we got mad, we’d be organized and make trouble for them. So they’re gonna kill us off, kill us electronically, kill us physically, pollute probably the major 120 cities so we can’t live in them. I mean we’re just going down, and I don’t like it, but everything I see and read points to that.

Jason Hartman: Okay. So a couple of questions here because some people listening may write this off as oh another conspiracy, just what I need to hear, right? I find that people are too dismissive in labeling of conspiracy theories the way they are, they want to label anybody who criticizes our president a racist or right-wing wacko and the way they’ve vilified the tea party movement, etcetera, etcetera. And what people better realize is that when you do that kind of stuff, you are shutting down dialogue. And when you shut down dialogue, you are really asking for trouble ultimately in my opinion. But here’s a question for you. Who are these global elite? Are they the Bilderberg group? Are they the skull and bones society? I mean who are they? Is it the Rothschild’s, I mean I don’t know.

Stan Deyo: They’re in it. The Rothschilds are in it, the Rockefellers, the Skull and Bones, the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome. In my book, the constant conspiracy thing we were talking about earlier, I have a whole section there dealing with who these people are and there are 9 major factors, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, the Bilderberg group is separate from that, the United Nations, the Great White Brotherhood is involved, certain parts of upper freemasonry, 32nd degree and above. There are a number of people involved, and the United States hear the revolution or the civil disobedience I was talking about, the civil warfare, it’s going to come between not just people against the White House or the government. It’s going to come against white supremacists, against black supremacists, against Latinos, against illegal immigrants, against the rich and the poor, these things all tearing at the fabric of American culture at the moment, and they will just explode.

And before anyone calls me a racist, let me tell you this, I am definitely not. My second mother was a colored woman. You know, she’s a negro woman. I love her, she’s down in Dallas. And when I went to the Air Force Academy, the reason I left early is I resigned. My tenure there, it was about 150 other cadets who were all members of the Cadet Honor Code because they had kicked out one of my friends and several of theirs. My friend was a black cadet who was a good friend, and they kicked him out on a frumped up charge right at Air Force. They’re saying he violated honor code because he thought about doing something bad but never did it. And we protested nightly in 1963 and early ’64, and the Air Force covered it up.

Jason Hartman: Unbelievable.

Stan Deyo: Never got to hear it. But believe me, I’m not a racist.

Jason Hartman: Not saying that at all. I’m just saying that the people on the left is especially guilty of this type of behavior of squelching discussion by making those spurious claims. They’re ridiculous on their face. I mean they’re just ridiculous. But the other one that they do as a way to write things off is they say oh that’s just a crazy conspiracy theory. Those are never true. Who shot JFK, etcetera type of thing. Let me take a brief pause. We’ll be back in just a minute.

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Jason Hartman: So that’s why I wanted to ask you who is behind this? I mean how organized are they? And if you think about it, what really are they going to get? They’re gonna corner a whole bunch of wealth and all this stuff, but the problem is they’re gonna squelch so much progress and innovation. I mean one of the reasons the US has for so long been this center of innovation is because everybody thinks in such an individualistic fashion. You don’t get that kind of innovation in Asia. You get a lot of great copying and great production and that type of stuff, but the actual original idea usually comes from very free countries like the late, great United States I almost want to say because it’s a lot less free today than it used to be. But free thinking people are innovators. And that’s where progress comes from.

Stan Deyo: Look, I’m an inventor and I filed one patent a couple of years back on an energy collection device from the atmosphere. And it was an application, right, and I filed it properly, and they refused it, saying oh this can’t work without testing or calling for working mob or anything. And when they refuse an application, it technically is supposed to go into a dead file, in a box there in Washington, and be buried. All of a sudden, my application itself is all over the internet. They released it somehow. Not that it really matters because what I put into the application wasn’t all secrets. But you can’t even apply for a patent without giving yourself away to the world, much less China or Asia which they could in a second.

Jason Hartman: Well, that’s why some companies don’t file patents. They intentionally don’t patent something because they don’t want to let the information out there. If you patent it, you gotta let it out, right?

Stan Deyo: Oh, right. And the only other way to protect it, as you said, is for a corporation or individual to enforce security on their premises or with their formula, with their device themselves so that it’s not stolen or copied or whatever. But even that today is darn near impossible with the eavesdropping techniques and the industrial espionage techniques that are available. One thing here, Jason, I want to address on this who’s in charge of the planet business, if you look at it globally, we have a problem in that there are countries, some dictatorial, others technically democracies or republics like we are, that have control of huge nuclear devices. And we cannot afford another global war with this kind of weaponry. It will destroy the whole planet.

So the aluminous, these people who were looking ahead generations and have been for some time, are saying, look, we have been trying to form a global government to overcome various religious differences between the western Judeo Christians and the Islamic and then just the secular Chinese or whatever. We’ve been trying to overcome all these ideologies and form one planetary government and economy and everything long enough for people to see if they can get along together and work. And they don’t see themselves as bad guys either. They see themselves as the only people in a position with their power money to hope to unify the planet into a planet of people of earth rather than various nations or religions.

Now, to that end, they have thought well we’ll have to sacrifice this country or that country, and there have been World War I and then there’s World War II. And World War III will come. And to them this is the last thing and it will be settled in the Middle East and there will be a new world order to come out of that. Now, they have already hired and sequestered [00:21:46] talent in their underground bases and various other places. I was one of them and left the order in the early 70s. But they come and recruit you and they tell you in a little room somewhere what’s going on and fly you off to another place and to join their technological development.

We have technology, or they do now, in the back room that is so advanced that we have what people call free energy but they’re still gonna control it, anti-gravity, water production technologies, growing technologies, transports, all kinds of stuff that would make this a much better world if it were a unified planet and we didn’t have this country or that country stealing patent rights or running up balance of trade deficits. And I ask people quite often “You know the United States has several trillion dollar debt to somebody out there, right?” And if you look at every other country, all the other 197 or however many there are, 200 and something, you look at them and they have national debt as well. And I ask you this, I say to them who do they all owe the money to? There’s no one out there who doesn’t know. And so they all owe money to something and some group. And this is the aluminous, the banking consortium.

Now, the one overarching control of all these groups is not to this earth as we know it. And I’m going to go out on a limb here, but I did this in my book because I translate the old Hebrew and Chaldean Aramaic from the book of Daniels, and I made a discovery that is absolutely making the hair on the back of people’s neck stand out because it says that as we approach the end of this age going towards this global “government”, it’s going to be a dictatorship, it will be led by a man who is backed by an agreement with an alien posing as a god. And when I say alien, I’m talking about the bible speaks of Lucifer, Satan, The Fallen One and his people. These beings are here and they were working inside the underground bases that the group that I work for were running up until the late 70s when the tables were turned and well they’re not exactly human, they’re taller than we are, look mostly human, but they’re very bright and they were here before mankind was put in the garden of Eden complex. They’re an old collection of beings and they came from a parallel [00:23:54] universe according to ancient Hebrew.

The good Lord has moved me in January of this year to tell people urgently when the “alien” arrival is officially announced and the leader of it endorses some guy to be the world government or the world leader, know that that is an imposter “god”, this alien leader that backed the human leader. He’s going to give them technology you wouldn’t believe to control the people of earth. And they’re going to divide the entire planet up into 10 regions, all run by governors from the central headquarters where the world leader, the despot, the dictator of our time will rule from. And some of these regions are going to be totally occupied or controlled rather by these alien beings. They will be given those regions and the people who dwell there as theirs because of the agreement that the world leader will make with them. This is all in the book of Daniel and it can all be taken out of 8 verses, Daniel 2:41-44 and Daniel 11:36-39. When I retranslate, I put it in the book. I put it syllable by syllable as I translate, saying where from the Chaldean Aramaic, where from the Sumerian, where from the Hebrew I got the translation of that verse to show how it’s talking about an alien posing as a god, bringing his troops here to form a world government that he controls from the background. And that’s where the aluminous are under his control. There’s no human aluminous conspiracy group that’s still in control of the planet. They are doing what this being who is already here is telling them to do. It’s just a matter of making it public.

And so I had to get this book out and the information out to tell people, look, don’t believe it when it comes because it’s Matthew 23 through 27, I think it is, says if a guy comes, an alien, or a super being saying he’s God and you have to meet him in a secret chamber somewhere or he’s in the desert but you can’t see him everywhere, then that’s a fake one. Because the real God will come as the lighting flashes from the east to the west. Everybody will know. Instantly they will see it and they won’t be some being hiding away. But the book of Daniel says he will hide away, he will have a secret place, and so that’s why it’s important to get this message out.

Jason Hartman: I’d like to maybe have you address the issue of Islam because I think that is critically important to this whole discussion in that you’ve got the largest religion on earth. I think it’s 1.6 billion people now. And when you talk about this sort of global elite that wants to take everything over and so forth, they’re not really centered in that. I mean wouldn’t there be all sorts of religious conflict among the elite themselves?

Stan Deyo: Oh, of course. But it’s like this. When you were kids and let’s say you had a brother and you had to share a room, when you fought, you were always afraid that dad would come in with the belt. And fear of punishment you could not avoid makes good partners or kind of good bedfellows, if you wish, of your brothers. Now, this is what’s going to keep the Islamic factions and the Christian factions within the Illuminati. This is what’s going to keep them from not communicating with world leader because of the fear. He rules by force. And with nuclear and even greater weapons, he can do that, which the fallen ones will give to him. I call them fallen ones because they’ve fallen from a parallel or concentric universe as the writings say.

But the crusades in, what, the 1300s through the 15…I forget what hundred it was. There were something like 12 or 13 crusades by the Roman Catholic Christian Knights going over into the Islamic territories and trying to possess Jerusalem and lands and whatever if there’s a Pope told them it’s a good thing. These crusades did not stop. Everybody thought the 13th was the last one and once the [00:27:52] had defeated them there, it was over. But it’s not. When I was meeting with some of the senior members of my control group that were Loomis down in Australia, they were talking about losing to them. And the Judeo-Christian concept of the Loomis was burn up all the Arab oil, because that’s the only thing they’ve got that’s giving them power now. Burn it up, consume it, have a war over there, set the oil fields on fire. Burn it so they have nothing. On the western side they said we have free energy technology, little boxes we control, electricity out of atoms, out of the air. We’ve got limitless free electricity. But we’re not going to release it until we have defeated the Islamic’s action.

Jason Hartman: You’re just talking about nuclear power when you say that?

Stan Deyo: Oh, no, no, no, no. This is thermionic energy exchange. This is down at an atomic level where they can unwind atoms peacefully without fission or fusion. You can take anything in the infrared band, anything above absolute 0 will give you electricity, using what’s called a tribal luminescent interface. Believe me, Jason, we’ve got powers behind the scenes that they’re not releasing. And the reason is they are wanting to completely economically destroy the power of the Islamic nations. And the Islamic nations found out about this oh, gosh, probably 20-25 years ago and started rebelling and started investing money into western nation perforation, and various things. You try to get them on the out of oil and then do other activities that will still give them an economic foothold. It’s a crusade still being fought. When I finally realized this in the meeting, my jaw dropped. This is it. In fact, it was more the Roman Catholic kind of secular Christian movements within the Illuminous that were doing this. Not the Jewish side because they didn’t like the Israel or the Jews either. They wanted to get rid of Israel and the Arab nation. So since my dad was Jewish, this put me in a very precarious position which is why I eventually got out of the organization very quickly. But this is their plan. It has not stopped.

Jason Hartman: Really amazing, really scary stuff. What can people do about this, Stan? The question is certainly knowledge is good, but what can they do about it?

Stan Deyo: Well, okay, in a worldly sense, you better start stocking food and emergency provisions, any medicines you need, and some home defense right now. It’s almost too late now, but you need to get out whatever you can. If you’ve got money you’re putting into 401-Ks or various other things, you better pull some of that out and be sure you’ve got enough food for 6 to 12 months to give you time to figure out how to interface with what’s left from when they destroy America. Good investment to buy food ahead of time that you normally eat because it is going up and it’s not going to get cheaper. So you save money by doing that. It’s an investment in consumables. You need water around your house, that kind of stuff. Now Holly is on our website, too, The Dare to Prepare book. And it is a self-selling book. We’re order takers here. People are buying it by the caseloads. You know, I just assigned an order here for three more cases going up to Montana.

Jason Hartman: What’s the book called?

Stan Deyo: The Dare to Prepare.

Jason Hartman: Dare to Prepare.

Stan Deyo: How to Prepare various…67 chapters of solid gold. 624 pages, like a big telephone book it’s so big. And it tells you what you need to do from a worldly sense to prepare as best you can. And no one can be 100% prepared for every eventuality, but at least it gives you breathing room to see what you’re going to do. Now that tells you, and Holly has another little thing, it’s a book on CD-ROM for computers. So you can read it or print it on your computer. It’s called Prudent Places USA, and it goes down to a county level, sometimes a city level, all across the United States saying what is good and bad about each area, from weather perspectives, from toxic waste materials, from religious preferences, political preferences, economic structures…

Jason Hartman: I would love to have you or her on the show again to discuss just that book. That is something that a lot of our listeners have asked for, the prudent places concept and it’s hard to think of every little factor but she’s really done that. That’s a great idea.

Stan Deyo: I think she was about 12 years old when she started writing in that book. You know, her mother was over in Kansas and just taught her. And after she got out of college, she kind of went at it hammer and tongs and has a collection from all sorts of places. And the latest addition of it we did this year, the third edition of 2010. And the cover tells it all. It’s got like poker chips on it and playing cards with earthquakes and pandemics and volcanoes and floods and all this kind of stuff, hurricanes, and then it shows the clock the time is running out at one of these old sand blocks. And the poker chips are playing with our shelter skills, food, water, pets, energy, radios, defense. You see it’s all there on the poker table and you’re gambling. And you see the hands were dealt, but they aren’t pretty hands at all. And this is one. It’s being used by so many first responders, school that’s being used in neighborhood and Sammy groups. That’s why they’re buying it by the case because obviously it’s cheaper, but they have a consensus of mind and neighbors are doing it and forming little cells and to defend each other and to help each other define this and that.

Now he’s got another book on there too that is a new thing. You have to print it out again. It’s a garden gold, actually the city dweller, how to grow crops in a little 4 foot by 4 foot areas. And even in apartment roof areas and stuff shows you how to do that and tells you what the pros and cons are now before you actually have to have it. So she thought of everything I could think of to help people from a worldly sin. But let me say this. When all that fails, our best defense is being in the good books with our creator, the true creator, and relying on him to fill in the blanks where we can. Do all you can yourself. Don’t sit back and wait for it to happen. Do all you can yourself, but in the final analysis resort to keeping in touch with the good lord every day and guiding you to what you’ve got to do.

Jason Hartman: Yeah, very good advice. Well, thank you so much, Stan, for joining us on the show today, and give out your website if you would.

Stan Deyo: The website is StanDeyo.com. If you go there, Holly updates it every day with news and current events that are important to you and with things that will help you. And there’s a lot of free stuff on that website that you can download, food planters and all kind of stuff. Just it’s there to help you.

Jason Hartman: Excellent. Well, thank you so much, Stan. And let’s get you or Holly on the show to talk about the Prudent Places. That’s a great topic. We’d love to hear more about that one.

Stan Deyo: Alright, Jason, will do.

Jason Hartman: Thank you.

Stan Deyo: Bye-bye now.

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