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Start your Survival Preparation By Doing One Thing – Anything

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HolisticSurvival.comDoing something is almost always better than doing nothing when it comes to survival preparation. We understand the paralysis that can seize your mind shortly after making a conscious decision to prepare yourself and family for TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It), or even for something just short of that scary scenario. Only a fool would deny a natural disaster can happen anywhere, at any time, and wouldn’t it be nice to be ready for that at least?

Our advice is to do one thing. One simple thing. Once you’re done with it, do something else. And so on and so forth. Even if your approach is sort of haphazard it’s better than doing nothing. To repeat, ANY preparation is better than none at all. Try the following.

Step 1: Food Cache
If you’re going to only do one thing regarding survival preparation, try this. Ultimately, survival can be broken down into three very simple concepts – water, food, shelter. Without these, not much else matters. Don’t overwhelm your brain by trying to lay in a six month supply all at once. First go for a week, which is enough to come in very handy for most low to medium duration demands. As time and finances allow, build your food and water cache out to a few months.

Step 2: Bug Out Bags
Keep a basic bug out bag for each member of the family. Into it should go toiletries, clothes, first aid kits, blankets, etc. This should be a backpack type of bag. Something you can easily sling on your shoulder as your heading out the door.

Step 3: Communication
In today’s world, it’s business as usual for family members to be scattered miles apart throughout the normal course of a day while tending to school and work obligations. Create a rendezvous point, preferably more than one, where everyone can meet in the event something big goes down and normal means of communication are unavailable. Bulletin boards at prominent spots like grocery stores or libraries are good place to leave written notes in the event families are separated.

Do these three things and you can stop momentarily to pat yourself on the back. You’ve now done more for survival preparation than the vast majority of people ever will. See how easy it can be?

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