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Stay secure out there

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Very few casual internet surfers have any idea of the security breach they’re inviting by the simple act of surfing and filling out forms on the web. Your IP Address, which is a unique identifier of the computer you’re using, is logged at almost every website you visit – stores, blogs, forums. Anyone with access to these logs can determine your location within a few minutes.

To stay secure, do some research on how to find and use an anonymous proxy server, which will route all your computer’s requests through a central server. That way your physical location will always appear to be wherever the proxy server is located.

Also be aware of identifying information like your name, e-mail address, or websites you are affiliated with. Drop them into good, old Google and see what comes up. It might be more than you expected. Some website services specialize in extracting detailed information about a person starting with just a few scraps like a phone number or name.

Ultimately, the point here is to at least be aware that someone could be monitoring you or your words online. It’s not a vast, unassailable wilderness of free speech and anonymity. Far from it. Be careful what you say and who you say it to. You don’t want to become labeled the next domestic terrorist!

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