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Super Soldier Breeding Program Begs the Question…

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super soldier breeding programHaven’t they ever read Frankenstein? It isn’t nice to mess with Mother Nature; at least that’s what the television advertisement used to say. So what is the super soldier breeding program and who are the mysterious “they” we’re referring to? In answer to the first question, consider the battlefield advantage an army would enjoy if it was comprised of soldiers who could run at 45 miles-per-hour for hours and easily toss around several hundred pounds of weight. To those whose over-riding mission in life is to create the ultimate army for the protection of our nation, wouldn’t it be just a teensy bit tempting to incorporate gene “therapy” or gene splicing to create a super soldier?

We’re not accusing anyone in particular of a super soldier breeding program, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned about human nature over the centuries, it’s that we have a startling inability to contemplate whether a thing should or should not be done until after the fact. Believe it, if we’re talking about in this distinguished pages, the process of creating a soldier with super human abilities is already underway in a military laboratory somewhere.

It’s one thing to boost a soldier’s vertical leap to 7 feet, offer the option of personal flight and invisibility, plus a lightweight, impervious armor but it’s a different sort of thought altogether to re-tool our military combatants on the genetic level. And what is the next step after that? What’s the point of sending live humans into combat at all when a battle programmed robot could take his place? Before proceeding to the level of non-human fighters, hopefully the military decision makers will read a smattering of science fiction and realize that creating an army of robots for any task rarely ends well for the human race.

So the question becomes how exactly can we protect ourselves and those we love from an invincible army of robot soldiers who suddenly decide to turn on their masters? We’re not exactly sure the best advice to give at this point other than to keep a very low profile. That’s it. Good luck.

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Flickr / The U.S. Army