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Superpower Survival – Bowing and Scraping to the Chines

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HolisticSurvival.comIt was with some fanfare that the leader of the communist world, Chinese president, Hu Jintao, recently paid a visit to the leader of the sometimes free world, Mr. Obama. It had been a long time, 19 years, since China”s biggest wig set foot on American soil. So what was the point of all the bread and circuses? to put it bluntly – superpower survival. In the first place, don”t believe the hype, whatever particular hype it was you have heard. The bottom line was this: Obama”s primary mission was to do his dead level best to convince the world that the United States is not a world superpower in decline.

The problem is that the relationship between the United States and China is not equal any more. It”s not really even close, and if we have to tell you who”s the top dog these days, you haven”t been paying attention. Communism reigns supreme on earth today. So why did the Chinese even bother coming over here to legitimize this presidency and sign off on $100 billion dollars worth of new business for American corporations?

Today”s reality is that China is in the business of propping up the United States because it would be bad for their business if America were to go under. While we may no longer be the biggest deal on the world stage, we haven”t fallen far enough to be ignored yet, though a second Obama term would go a long ways toward sealing that fate. No, for now, it”s critical for the continued advancement of the grand Chinese master plan that America not go down swinging on a third strike. They”ll toss us a bone. String us along. Give us a $100 billion dollar lifeline now and then, because it means much less to them than it does to us.

In particular, the business deals of interest were those in which China committed to increasing its imports. For years, the import ratio has been so lopsided as to appear comical to the average observer. And as the largest holder of foreign debt, it would be seriously bad news for the Red Chinese if the U.S. went completely in the tank. Talk about being left holding the bag. So they bide their time. Humor us. Treat us with the same kindness one shows an imbecile. Silly Americans. Don”t they realize their century is over?

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