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Superstitious hokum. Or is it?

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Every once in a while, to lighten the mood here at Holistic Survival, we like to turn the page back to yesteryear and review some of the superstitions of the past. At least they seem like superstitions. At one point, someone, somewhere believed that you MUST avoid the following ten actions or your very life was at risk.

Disobey at your own peril.

1. When you’re sick, don’t look in a mirror.

2. Never measure your own height.

3. Never try to imagine it’s Saturday when it is not.

4. Don’t walk backwards.

5. Never sell a dog.

6. If you transplant a cedar tree, you’ll die by the time it’s big enough to shade a grave.

7. Never answer the first time your name is called – it might be the Devil summoning you.

8. Never shake hands through a window or over a fence.

9. If you hear a hen crow, you must kill the hen.

10. Whatever you do, don’t let a lizard count your teeth!

Regarding the possibility of having your teeth counted by a lizard, the only one we’re worried about is that one from the Geico commercials. He seems very clever. Enjoy! Back to reality tomorrow.

The Holistic Survival Team