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Survival in the face of diminishing rights

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The concept of eroding liberty is well known to certain segments of the country – namely those who don’t turn on the television as soon as they get home. Pull out a copy of the United States Constitution, if you have one, and read through it. Pretty impressive, hmm? All the powers of the federal and state governments enumerated, as well as the freedoms of individual citizens. In the 200+ years since the creation of that document, liberty has been taking a beating, especially as we passed the Y2K silliness, headed for Y3K.

The list of how your rights as a citizen are eroding would be too long to go into now but the following are a few examples.

1.Amendment 1 – no more prayers at graduation ceremonies, while the process of petitioning the government grows harder.

2.Amendment 2 – federal, state, and local laws make it more difficult to own a firearm. Required registration of firearms sets the stage for a hostile tyrant in the form of an American president to easily overcome citizen opposition.

3.Amendment 4 – whatever happened to legal search warrants based on ‘probable cause’?

4.Amendment 5 – more and more infringement upon your right to earn a living is inflicted by the never ending and always increasing requirements of a licenses. And don’t forget how property taxes have come to distort your right to own property. You can lose it if you don’t pay up!

Is any of this junk what the founding fathers had in mind when they declared their independence from the oppression of England? Probably not. Enjoy the liberties you are left with today because tomorrow they may be gone.

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