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The Business Side of Survival Prepping

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downloadPreppers come in all shapes and sizes, with many different talents. While many are farmers, mechanics, and carpenters, with obvious skills that will come in handy in a post-apocalyptic world, some preppers have less obvious skills. Lawyers, managers, and salesmen all also have valuable assets that could be of use in a TEOTWAWKI situation.

While architects, nurses, and farmers all have expertise in areas that will be in high demand, those in business realms may also have skill sets which could help them – and others – in an economic collapse or natural disaster. While they certainly aren’t as valuable to a survival community as say, a doctor or a mechanic, their business abilities will help them succeed even after business world fails.

For starters, these individuals can provide leadership in a time when groups of people may need to work together to survive. They can help make decisions and assist survivors in forming a cohesive group. When disagreements and arguments do break out, it is those with experience in interpersonal relationships that will be able to alleviate the fury before the fight truly breaks out. In a nationwide or global crisis, stress levels are going to be high and tempers will undoubtedly flare. You can imagine where a mediator or HR manager may be helpful for a newly-formed community of survivors.

A businessman with experience in managing various aspects of a project will be helpful as you build shelter, plan a garden, and hunt and gather for food and medicine. Additionally, a manager will have the ability to determine who is best for each project – from gathering edible plants to setting snares for small animals to guarding from attack by wild animals or other groups in the dead of night. Negotiation skills can ensure that bartering with neighbors proves successful. Additionally, businessmen know how to balance even the toughest budget. Certainly this will come in handy as groups of survivors determine how much food and water can be consumed by each member and how much should be stored for another day. This is particularly important for rationing food during the winter months and water during the dry season.

In today’s world, anyone can get a leg up on an uncertain future by being a property owner, especially with the use of Jason Hartman’s site, which includes regularly updated information via blog and podcast, as well as an entire page of resources to help Every Man become prepared for today’s financial market and tomorrow’s insecurity. Rental properties in particular provide an array of commodities useful in a TEOTWAWKI situation, including items not typically considered commodities, such as wood, nails, concrete, and other construction materials. So whether you can take down a 12-point buck in a single shot with a bow and arrow or you lead the top managers in team building exercises, Jason Hartman’s advice can help you earn money for today and plan for tomorrow. (Top Photo: Flicker | thetaxhaven)

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