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The lowdown on food storage

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Let’s talk about food storage. There’s probably not much else on this planet that would give you more peace of mind than having an adequate emergency supply of food. How much should you have? Good question. Jason Hartman suggests three months. Six months would be great. One year would be spectacular.

We know the idea of putting together quantities of food like this can be overwhelming. Don’t try to do it all at once. First build up a one week supply, then expand it to one month. After that, push it out to three months and further if you find yourself motivated to do so. Remember – baby steps!

The tricky part is figuring just how much food you need, especially if you’re not used to thinking like this. Click HERE to input your number of family members. It will tell you how much food you need to survive on your own for an entire year. There are some pretty intimidating numbers when you have a family of five. Here’s what the calculator says for that number of people:

• 1500 lbs of grains
• 300 lbs of sugars (honey, jams, molasses, etc)
• 65 lbs of fat (peanut butter, mayo, butter, salad dressings, etc)
• 375 lbs dairy
• 300 lbs of legumes
• 40 lbs cooking essentials (baking powder, salt, baking soda, etc)
• 70 gallons water
• 5 gallons bleach

Don’t panic! You don’t have to do this all at once. Divide these numbers by four if you want to get begin with a three month supply. If even that’s a scary thought, divide by 52 and get a single week’s supply stored away.

That’s a start!

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