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The perfect business model

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If you go in search of the perfect business model in the United States, you won’t have to wander far. The American Cancer Industry (we’ll call it Big Cancer) has them all beat, even Big Oil, hands down. Let’s take a look at the sweetheart deal they’ve managed to put together.

When we say Big Cancer, we’re referring to the chemical and pharmaceutical companies behind it all. The first step in this profit happy merry-go-round is through selling carcinogenic materials that end up in our water, food, and air supply, or embedded in our clothing or housing. You doubt us? Take a look at the label on that Coke you’re drinking or the microwave meal you toss in the oven to heat up. Now Google the ones you don’t recognize.

Many are not meant to be ingested by humans in any way, shape, or manner. But it gets better. Now that they’ve given us cancer and other diseases, the next step is to sell us expensive, inefficient, toxic drugs to treat the cancers caused by their products in step one.

Then they’ll sell us even more drugs to make the side effects of the drugs in step two more bearable. On top of all this, they manipulate the system to make taxpayers fund additional research into more cancer drugs that don’t work, which they can sell to us at even more obscene profits.

Nothing personal. Just Big Cancer doing business.

With the American Cancer Society in one pocket spreading disinformation and the FDA in the other fighting off effective alternative treatments, we challenge anyone to find a better business model. Kudos to you Big Cancer.

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