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The view from 1980

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SurvivalDoomsday scenarios have been around probably since the first two humans started gossiping to one another about how the saber tooth tigers were learning to read minds. Sometimes it’s interesting to take a look back at what people thought was going to happen and how it very much has not come to pass – yet. Not that honing your survival skills isn’t a good idea, just make sure you don’t become one of the crazies before it’s time.

Back in 1980, a man by the name of Kurt Saxon, who some call the father of survivalism, and who is also the author of a series of books about how to use improvised weapons, sat himself down one day and wrote an essay about how violently society would fall apart in the next two years.

The next Nostradamus? Not quite.

Saxon envisioned the rapid deterioration of worldwide civilization after the cutoff of oil in the Middle East led to nuclear war. With no alternative energy plans in the pipeline, people would be forced to massively cut back on consumption, which would lead to out of control global recession. The result:

1. Millions of unemployed taxpayers.

2. Millions more Social Security / Welfare recipients with benefits suddenly cut off.

3. An entire segment of society now on Valium and other narcotic tranquilizers suddenly without drugs and gone suddenly insane.

4. Cities cut off from food when trucks have no fuel.

Here’s a summary quote from Saxon:

“So many world systems are breaking down at this time that it is projected by socio-economists more knowledgeable than I that the collapse will come in late 1981 or ’82. It will begin like the 1929 Stock Market Crash and go on to the utter ruin and obliteration of
Wait a sec…let’s check the calendar. We see it’s 2010. With regards to The Church Lady, “Missed it by THAT much, didn’t you?” Therein lies the danger of being on the lunatic fringe of survivalism. We prefer the sane approach discussed on Holistic Survival.

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