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This Pot Goes In the Coffee

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3824714433_6367843a9dWith the states’ of Washington and Colorado already selling marijuana for medicinal and recreational use legally, we knew it was only a matter of time before some brisk, young entrepreneur decided it would be pretty awesome to create a really righteous buzz by putting pot into the coffee.

The genius behind this new morning drink concoction is Adam Stites, hailing from Longview, Washington, who is brewing up a line of cold-brewed, coffee-infused drinks that contain about 20 mg of THC. Stites told MyNorthwest.com that “The coffee drinks give you an uplifting head high. We call it the wake and bake drink.”

We could crack a thousand different jokes at this point in time, but there’s no denying the odds that a marijuana-laced drink that you can buy at your local drive-thru is a no-brainer. Any time you can sell to an addict (coffee or pot) you’ve got a great business model due to the repeat business. Americans have already proven their insatiable lust for both products, and now that the buds are legal, the sky’s the limit.

Opponents fearing a free-for-all descent into heroin-laced vodka and cocaine-laced soft drinks shouldn’t get their panties in too much of a bunch. The new coffee/marijuana drinks will be regulated by the state, just like any other marijuana product. Stites is already most of the way through the approval process and expects to receive the green light within the next few weeks.

Consumers should prepare themselves for a barrage of offerings from forward thinkers like Mr. Stites. There’s no doubt in Jason Hartman’s mind that we’re looking at the tip of the iceberg. For decades the demonization of marijuana has prevented the true might of the free market to be unleashed upon it. Coffee and pot is just the beginning.

Stites is already planning a line of pot-infused juice drinks, and there’s not much doubt that a long line of business-minded individuals will be right behind him. We’re also betting that it won’t be long before the other 48 states legalize the stuff. There’s too much money at stake in the form of taxes and regulation to not join the game. (Image: Flickr | sonyaseattle)

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