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This Survival Tool is Cool Beyond Belief

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survival toolThinking of a survival tool often conjures images of an emergency ax, generator, shotgun, or first aid kit. One of the easiest to carry, and possibly most helpful, is the diminutive size of a credit card but, unlike a credit card, it won’t run up a mountain of bad debt, destroy your ability to own a house, and leave you on skid row with an alcohol problem. We’ll call this handy little gadget the credit card survival tool or CCST because we can never get enough of spiffy acronyms.

Picture the CCST. It is the length, width, and slightly thicker than your standard credit card, made from stainless steel and, incredibly, contains the following: can opener, knife, screw driver, ruler, cap opener, four position wrench, saw blade, ruler…

Hard to imagine a survival tool so small can contain so many handy options. In this case, you probably need to see it to believe it. Click the link below to see the CCST up close and personal. Our thanks to CoolTools website for the info.

See the Cool Survival Tool

According to CoolTools, the CCST is available for about $4 from Amazon. How many times on a daily basis do you find yourself searching the house and high and low for some piddly little tool and you can’t find it? Now it can be as close as your wallet. Whether an honest-to-goodness survival situation or simply to make quick emergency repairs, we think this is the handiest idea we’ve seen in a while.

And here’s the Holistic Survival incredibly useful tip of the day: Why not throw out a credit card or two and replace them with a CCST?

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Holistic Survival

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