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Thou Shalt be Self Sufficient

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In this modern culture of interdependency, some of us may find it almost impossible to even imagine what it means to be entirely self sufficient. The idea may seem laughable but it won’t be very funny if a crisis comes to pass.

A good approach might be to break it down into one day and come up with a list of what you would have to do to get through a single day with no help from anyone else. This means doctors and grocery stores too.

You’ve seen what happens to store shelves in Florida during hurricanes or in Boston during blizzards. Within hours, and maybe even less time than that, there will be no water or food left for you to buy no matter how much money you have.

Being self sufficient means stocking a three month supply of food, clothing, water, shelter, medical supplies, power, plumbing, transportation, communication, and more. You’re not going to become self sufficient in a single afternoon but now is the time to begin thinking about it and making preparations. The sooner the better. No one knows when tough times will arise that puts your planning to the test. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe in ten years. Maybe never.

But you do owe it to yourself and your family to be ready. If it seems like too much information to process at once, never fear, keep coming back to Holistic Survival for Jason Hartman’s podcasts, blogs and approach the Herculean task one step at a time. A good start might be to store three months of water. Once you’re done with that, however long it takes, get started on your food supply. See where we’re headed here? One step at a time.

The Holistic Survival Team