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Thou Shalt Control What is Put Into Your Body

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Bet you never thought you’d be harangued about your eating habits here on Holistic Survival. Sorry, but…wrong! Health and physical fitness are at the very foundation of surviving in a crisis situation. That’s why Jason Hartman says commandment #3 is “Thou shalt control what is put into your body.”

Do you think you’re going to feel like you’re ready to take on startling adversity if you’ve been eating cheeseburgers and snack cakes? Maybe not. Think you might feel a little sluggish and out of sorts? Probably.

When survival depends on physical endurance, immunity from sickness, and catlike reflexes, you’d better be feeding your body the right food. Regular exercise is part of the deal too. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Half an hour of simple walking outdoors every day will do wonders online casino dgfev for your mental and physical condition.

Remember Jillian from The Biggest Loser? Scary woman. Okay, now you can forget her. You don’t need a personal trainer like that to browbeat you into submission to the healthy lifestyle. Start making small changes and remind yourself you’re doing it for survival in the future.

Let’s reflect back to the caveman days. Physical fitness wasn’t an option. It was simple. Stay in shape or die at the hands (or claws) of a variety of living threats like saber-toothed tigers or mastodons. Back then, biological hazard had an entirely different meaning.

Do yourself a favor for survival. Only put good stuff into your human machine.

The Holistic Team