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Thou Shalt Defend Yourself

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Holistic Survival commandment #7 is “Thou shalt defend thyself.” What this means is don’t be a sitting duck for the first apocalyptic bully that waltzes past. If you’re a home or business owner, there are three lines of defense you should consider implementing.

The first line of defense is to have adequate security systems in place. This would include locks, deadbolts, and electronic surveillance. Pretty standard common sense stuff that most of us would think of. The trick is to not just think about it. Do it. Implementation of thought process rules!

Your second line of defense if to learn basic self defense moves or even martial arts if you’re so inclined. It’s not necessary to become a black belt. You don’t need to be able to win a street scrum with Chuck Norris. You might be surprised how few moves can be used to repel someone attempting to do you harm. Believe us, a dislocated knee, bruised larnyx, broken nose, or sudden ear removal will take the fight out of many a miscreant.

The third line of defense to consider is weapons. Good old weapons. We’re talking primarily about firearms, rifles and pistols, but that doesn’t mean you must rule out your trusty catapult or broadsword. The point is to have something at hand that will extend and strengthen your human capabilities. Never underestimate the deterrence factor either. Evil-doers might not be so quick to do evil if they see you sporting a .44 magnum in your belt holster.

What Jason Hartman is really saying is – defend yourself!

The Holistic Survival Team